[Mud and Blood 2] Axis Unit Contest

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The title says it all. An Axis Unit Creation Contest is going on at mudandblood.net that allows you to come up with your own German unit to be used in-game. Head on over to http://mudandblood.net/html/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=3756&start=0 to make your submissions. Remember: be original and be realistic!

I’ll provide a guide on how to format the unit if anyone’s interested.

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I would support a volksgrenadier unit. A poorly trained draftee with dangerous weapons. You ever heard of friendly fire? You will now.

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Official message from the MNB Staf.

This contest is closed and getting voted upon.
For detailed information head over there now.

The last newsletter and BS is also out with the next report being work on.
Also a little surprise was in store for all that where after Santa this year.
Read all about it and more at MNB.net.