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Dear Kingory Players,

After elaborate preparation for a while, KINGORY Europe Server8 will be expected to come on October 24. 2012 18:00.

Some new gameplay are added in the new server for the first time:

New Weapons and Armors
New Merchant System
Weapons and Armors Upgrade System

1. New Weapons & Armours:

Two new Armor Sets added in the new server: Ancient Legacy Armor Set(Tier 8) and Destiny Armor Set (Tier 20)
The Tier 20 Armors can been obtained only by reforging the Tier 8 Armors with Upgrade Gems and the Runes.
The Players also can find more Weapons and mounts of historical heros in the new server.

2. Merchant SuShuang:

There was a famous Merchant SuShuang in three kingdoms period. He is placed in the new server. The Player can purchase from him various Upgrade Gems,the Runes, the Gamble Box,new Weapons,new Mounts and Armors.

3. The Nameless Weapon

The Player can get a Nameless Weapon by making task. To forge the Nameless Weapon with the Upgrade Gems, the player can get a super weapon.

4. Upgrade Gems and Runes:

There are some Upgrade Gems and Runes in new server. They are used to upgrade weapons and armors. The player can find them in wild or buy them from the Merchant SuShuang.
The player also can obtain them by purifying and smelting.

During New Server Opening Event, the players can get a Gift Pack containing Upgrade Gems and the Runes.

New SERVER, New Gameplay

Come and Experience a whole new Kingory !