[Chronicles of Blood] October 23rd - AHW3 has started!

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Children of the night,

we proudly give you “All Hallow’s Week 3”!

CoB veterans know the deal but this is the first time for Kong and Armor Games players!

For the duration of the event you can access three portal regions: “Eastern field of the dead”, “Western field of the dead”, and the new “House of the 7 sins”.

The latter is brand new with some old creatures in it which serve the 7 deadly sins. Expect new drops in there.

Some new quests and items have been added to the merchants and trainers, so better check them out.

As usual all Victory Points that you can earn in PvP will be doubled.

The feathers that you need for some superrare items can now be found in the Nightly Rewards.

Donators get +10% Blood Diamonds on all deals as well as a new squirrel, the “Soul mystic”.

Old squirrels can now be acquired again. Check out the sweet deals on classic servants such as “Child” and “Gargoyle” as well as on some glyphs that boost your weapon proficiency.

There are 4 new servants available that increase the amount of loot when you find basic crafting mats, word of commands, scrolls and summoning items.

So have fun and keep on hunting! :)

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