[Runespell Saga] Hacking competition

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One way of improving the game is receiving loads of feedback.

Any player that sends(or has send) us proof of a great battle (can be a high score, a great combination of Power Cards, or any creative thinking from your part), any great victory(you decide), feedback on the game, an issue you want a solution for, a screenshot of a high rating, or just creative game poetry via a PM or a Kongregate Bug report proof will automatically enter into a competition.

The winner will be randomly drawn and receive an Axe charm, which symbolizes the art of Hacking into the game. This competition ends Friday October 26 at 23:55CET/22:55UK/16:55NY/13:55LA time.

See the axe here: http://bit.ly/AxeHacking

One condition is of course that the winner will send us the postal mail address (anywhere in the world), failure to do so in 7 days after closing of competition will result in a redraw.

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The numbers 1 also gets 20.000 Silver, the numbers 2-5 gets 10.000 silver.

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Why do you need a postal mailing address to give us in-game items?

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Look at the picture, this is not a ingame-item but a real, physical item. They need your email address to know where to send the Axe Charm to. :)

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I have sent the winner of the hacking competition a PM. I will await the reply before announcing name as I need the postal address.

No regret if you have not won as I will be starting a new competition next week.

We are humbled by the amount of PMs, whispers and comments we received and will continue to hone our game into the best game we can make:).