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If you have any game ideas, just put em here

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lol yea lower cash shop a bit and try to tweak the gear-shifting, sometimes it won’t shift even when you let off spacebar but it feels like it’s in beta. I expect all of this to get tweaked a bit later on.

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Originally posted by Thorock:

…and try to tweak the gear-shifting, sometimes it won’t shift even when you let off spacebar.


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Gear switching works perfectly fine if you do that when the meter is not too far up red.

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Love this game, Does need some improvements, Heres My full List.
- Need users to challenge as AI are no fun, Get Users by making it less reliant on Kreds to simply play the game.
- Have a way of easily seeing what users are online and being able to send challenges to them.
- I think a better way of initiating races would be to select your race type and money, then there is a section on the screen allways visible no matter what window, in it race types and money pop up as people initiate them, and you can click accept this race. Going into race people and then getting paired with an AI is ANNOYING. Or have the race screen able to view current waiting races. I think having which user you’re racing should be anonymous.
- To avoid Kred users dominating and free users getting annoyed and not playing, it would be good to have racers within a certain amount of Horse Power as each other, and if they decide to race someone with a higher Horse Power, and Win they get More Rep and Money.
- AI needs to get its on cars, why should i bother upgrading my car when AI who is the only users at the moment, have the exact same car as me every time, and my upgrades don’t matter.
- Free customizations, and a larger range for gold items. If I’m paying for customizations I want to limit the chances of someone having the same ride as me.
- More customization types; Vinyl’s, Tints, Neons, Spoilers, Hoods, Stickers, Body Kits. Heaps of ways you could make it so users can make unique looking cars.
- Get rid of the Rep limit for wager types, or Lower the limit, 15,000 Rep points take WAYYYYYYYY to long to achieve if you’re a free user, and even as a Kred user.
- Upgrades to some car parts that you can choose from 2 (or more) different types and some add more Horse Power and weight, Others less Power but less or no weight, and also maybe adding in an acceleration value and having different parts judged on Power, Weight and Accel, allowing users to focus on quick accel cars for 1/4 miles or top speeds for full mile races.

Right now the rating for this game is less then 3, and in my opinion this is because it can’t be enjoyed as a free user, and if it can’t be enjoyed as a free user, it can’t be enjoyed as a kred user because there is no one to challenge.
This game has alot going for it; Graphics, menus, Upgrades, Music. And in my opinion could easily be one of the greatest games on Kong, Just make some changes so more people enjoy playing it.