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I know this isn’t organized in any fantastic format, but I do hope you’ll apply some consideration. I will be adding more, and will organize better in a post on the Spicyworld forums. Also, community, feel free to add your own, expand on mine, and in general discuss the future developments we’d like to see.

Something that prevents you from buying multiples of the same booster if they still having a duration, and a notification that says “You already own one of these boosters” if you attempt to.

A scaling adjustment system for music and sound effects.

Tutorial being single player, explaining how to dash, the various game modes, and include a reward to encourage people to go through it.

A last man standing mode, as well as a free for all.

Objects in the level you can interact with, along the veins of the button you shoot in the climber level. Secret passageways and traps, makes for a more entertaining experience.

A boosters on/off selection for room creation. Preferably one that stops the effects rather than forcing people to take them off.

An option to change the color of the crosshair.

At a later date, the option to purchase different crosshairs, some for tickets, some for tokens, and a greater variety of crosshairs between the weaponry.

Levels that have some kind of day/night cycle, or something that prevents all players from seeing for a few moments at a time.

A Capture the flag mode where you actually have to run the flag back to your base.

An escort mode could prove entertaining.

Perhaps tighter bullet grouping and less damage across the board,

Toys from your Crazy Fairy game, and upon Open Beta or shortly thereafter, Akaneiro toys.

The biggest suggestion I have at the moment, would be a possible partnership with Cartoon Network. The amount of toys/weapons that could be used as assets is staggering, and I think your company should seriously consider it.

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sometimes if you have all the things in shop, you might just wanna buy mutiple bosters for the sake of collection value (high scores)

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I’d like to add a suggestion for a ‘lab’ mode, in which weapons and boosters are predetermined ( but custom), giving max fun for least being thrashed by people with much better gear.

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