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Here are some weird things that happened in Sonny 2 that were never answered.
(Just ideas so that the developer can use this in Sonny 3)

1. The Seed
2. Familiar Tattoos
3. Tape
4. Blood
5. ZPCI Ambassador
6. Two Males
7. Cathedral
8. Assassinations, Kidnappings
9. Who is Sonny? (Sonny 1 Question)
10. “Utopia”

If Krin can see this, these are ten unanswered questions that I REALLY think you should use in your storyline. If you have any questions about these, just ask.

:3 ~Manuals

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These ideas are very fantastic, I’d like to see them in-game soon. :O The game would begin about ZPCI Ambassador stuff, and The Seed, then we’d progress in storyline to find out about familiar tattoos, blood, two males, cathedral, and when progressing further, about Assassinations and kidnappings, and then the end of Sonny 3 would show us who is sonny, and what is this “Utopia”. I’d like very much. :O

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4. Blood) Remember felicity is carrying a man down an elevator after fighting her in Zone 1…
Maybe she dragged a body everywhere she went leaving a trail of blood