[WarMage Battlegrounds] Release Notes for 1.12 (locked)

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Burst is excited to announce the newest update to WarMage Battlegrounds. Highlights include the Noralan region, new units and enemies, and a new pricing structure!

New Features & Content

  • New Region Unlocked: Nestled between the Banotyrs River and a tributary, the Crystal River, Noralan is a land of bounty.
  • New Units: Skeletons and Zombies can now be recruited into your squads; but beware, they demoralize nearby non-evil squads.
  • New Enemies: Demons wander the land and don’t take kindly to the likes of WarMages.
  • New Spell: Create Portal is now available.

Store Updates

  • Prices on Store Items have been reduced.
  • Gold prices now match Burst Coin prices in the Store.
  • Artifacts are now available individually in the Store.

Battleground Updates

  • Battleground Mode: Canloi, Gedbog, and Skarrad are now available for 2-player PvP, Haknoi has been added for 4-player unranked PvP, Noralan added for 2-player and 4-player unranked PvP.
  • Tutorial: The Tutorial Completion achievement now rewards 500 gold and 2 mystery items.

Battle Unit Updates

  • Dragonkin: Resistance to Fire Magic has been raised. Vulnerability to Water Magic has been raised.
  • Elf: The Cougar, used by the Shapeshifter, now has correct resistances and vulnerabilities.
  • Faery: The Lifelight’s health has been corrected to 150hp. The Wingmender’s Faery Blessing now correctly blesses only Faery allies. The Wingmender’s Life Siphon now properly heals the Wingmender and drains life from enemies.
  • Minotaur: The Minotaur Warrior has had his retaliation corrected to 5-15.

Spell Updates

  • The range for all non-summing spells is 50 hexes.
  • The range for summon spells is 2 hexes.
  • Deep Shadow has updated portrait art.

Other Updates

  • The amount of gold rewarded when completing Achievements and Bounties has been lowered.
  • The New WarMage reward has been changed to 100 gold and 3 mystery items.
  • New WarMages start with a 24-hour Ephemeral Novice Chance Glyph equipped.
  • WarMages now have access to 8 Battle Configuration slots.
  • When spectating a battle, WarMage panels are grouped by team and mousing over their color displays team number.
  • Unit Quantity in Battle Configurations can now be set directly by clicking on the number and typing the desired number of units.
  • Mana generated per turn is now shown in the tooltip for Mana Display.
  • AI Squads will now make better use of Sanctuary hexes.
  • AI Squads will now make better use of their AoE abilities.
  • Scrolls have been moved to their own tab in the WarMage Information Window.
  • If a squad is tackled on a teleport hex, they are now teleported.
  • When an ability is active, mousing over targets will show damage estimations that take into account the target’s resistances and any WarMage or Squad effects that are relevant.
  • Unit and Hex Tooltips can now have the delay before they appear manually edited by players in the Options dropdown.


  • The Cougar, summoned either by scroll or transformation, has had resistances and vulnerabilities added.

Known Issues

  • Noralan structures have wrong portrait art. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Noralan PvP battlegrounds’ description fields only say “Noralan Battleground”. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Portal magic is currently unstable. This will be fixed in a future update.