[Legacy of Heroes] Patch Notes: October 25, 2012 (locked)

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Scheduled Maintenance

Weekly Sale

  • The Pumpkin Bucket is here for Halloween.
    Exciting new grab bag improved for Halloween.
    New Hyper Energy Drink restores 50% instead of 25%.
    Here for one week only.
    Receive one of these items:
  • 3 x Elite Pack
  • 1 x Tempus Pack
  • 3 x Tempus Pack
  • 50 x Fortune Pack
  • #3gging (Epic)
  • Paper into Trees (Epic)
  • Cutting Edge (Epic)
  • Accelerated Decay (Legendary)
  • 1 x Cosmic Pack
  • 1 x Draft Pack
  • 3 x Draft Pack
  • 2 x Bust of Aloysius Zeroth
  • 8 x Hyper Energy Drink
  • 25 x Hyper Energy Drink
  • 25 x Legacy Coin
  • 50 x Legacy Coin
  • 1000 x Legacy Coin
  • 25 x Skill Point
  • 50 x Skill Point


  • Drop rates for Medkits and Newspaper Clippings have been increased in Issues 1 – 6.
  • Unique card drops have been increased in Issues 1 – 6.
  • Glory Pack is now permanently 10 Legacy Coins.
    Halloween is here!
  • The Homeschool is wreaking havoc around the city and taken over Mad Confectionist’s factory.
  • New Issue 9.1 along with a new brawl — available for 1 week only!
  • 6 new attainable cards exclusive to this Halloween event .

Bug Fixes

  • In draft effects that require badges will no longer proc if you don’t have the badge .
  • Grip of Fanatacism will now work regardless of the time you play it.
  • Card effects that cause double damage will no longer stack together.
  • Over the Top will now only add shield to itself.
  • Maser: Far From Home buff will now fade if two cards are played on the same turn.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed some log messages out of order when “No-Animations” is on.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to sometimes start a guild brawl without a full team .
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes did not display player equipment in brawl / draft screens.
  • Tooltips will no longer sometimes show reversed.
  • Players should no longer show without clothes unless they don’t have any equipped.
  • Players with the Title L’il will now show up properly on leaderboard.
  • Known Issues
  • Titles can cause small display issues with player’s name being too long.
  • Banish pile cards sometimes do not appear. Clicking on the pile will still show the popup.
  • Equipment buffs lasting visually a turn longer than they are supposed to.
  • The card “Up and At’em” is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • The card "Billy Stopless " is not displaying its buff in the buff window.
  • “Black Smoke” effect will sometimes not fade.
  • If “Maser: Far From Home” is copied by the acolyte badge , the buff will show * up twice but only actually be there once.
  • “Do as I Do” buff will not visually show up in buff list.
  • In draft avatars may sometimes show as blank .