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The Faction Battle can last up to 72 hours. It is a large-scale battle where players of the two opposing factions get to fight against one another. The first Faction that kills the final Boss of the opposing Faction wins the battle. If no one kills the final bosses within the required time period, the Faction that kills more opposing NPCs will be the winner. The Faction Battle is planned to open once every week.

When the Faction Battle goes live, there will be a new building signifying its entrance that locates to the northeast of the main city. Find the entrance in the City view of the main city and click it to enter the Faction Battle interface.

Faction Battle Map

The Map displays the entire Castlot world. You will find 21 military spots on the map.


The military headquarters of a faction. Each Faction owns one Stronghold which is the first place to accommodate players’ troops. A Stronghold is the very starting point. Troops have to be dispatched to the Stronghold before they can move to any other spot on the Faction Battle map.

How to send troops to the Stronghold?

Click on the castle representing the Stronghold. In the pop-out buttons, click on the one with a flag to enter the troops dispatching panel. Select the number of each type of troops and appoint heroes and then press the Dispatch button.


The front lines. Each Kingdom has one Fortress. Since players can only send troops to the fortresses seized by their own Faction, seizing more fortresses plays an important role in winning the Faction Battle.

Rules of Moving

1. If you want to move to another fortress, you just need to click on a nearby castle and click the Move button in the pop-out buttons.

2. You can only dispatch troops to a nearby fortress seized by your own Faction. A nearby fortress where you can fight is marked with a crossed swords icon.

3. The Crown shows where your troops are dispatched.

4. The Crown will follow your troops when they move.

Final Bosses

King Arthur and Lord Blackmore. Killing the final Boss is the ultimate goal of each Faction. The first Faction that kills the final Boss of the opposing Faction wins the battle.

How to fight?

There is a button beside each of the castles on the Faction Battle map. The color of the button represents different factions, the red the Dark, the blue the Bright, the green the Neutral Areas. Take a look at the color of the button and you will know which faction has taken control of the fortress.

Controlled by the Dark

Controlled by the Bright

Neutral Areas

If your troops move to a nearby fortress where there are NPC troops or player troops of the rival faction, your troops will engage the enemy in 2 or 3 seconds. The battle report will pop out automatically.

When two opposing forces meet in a fortress, not all of the soldiers dispatched will go out and fight. There will be multiple rounds. 1,000 soldiers of each troop type will fight in each round. The results will be displayed simultaneously on the Battle Report panel. You can click on the magnifying glass button in the Operation column to view the battle.

All your battle records are also recorded here in the Player Battle Records window. You can click on the magnifying glass button on the Player Battle Records window to enter the Battle Report panel for details of the specific battle.

If you want to replenish your troops, there is a Recruit Soldiers button on the upper right area of the Faction Battle interface. Click it and you can access the Barracks in your main city and recruit soldiers directly.


There will be weather changes in each fortress. Weather changes will affect the performance of the soldiers directly.

Strong winds batter the land. Speed of the attacking side’s cavalry drops.

Snow hits the land. Damage of the defending side’s spearmen increases.

It’s raining cats and dogs. Damage of the attacking side’s archers and mages drops.

Thunder and lightning sweeps across the land. Damage of the attacking side’s mages increases.

Heavy fog covers the land. Firing Range of the defending side’s archers and mages drops.

It’s sunny and warm. All soldiers are in good shape.

Find the new building on the northeast of the main city, click on it and then you’ll see the detailed Battle Rules. There are instruction of Rewards for individual and League there.

Players of the winning side get double the rewards based on their individual Credits and League Credits.

You are welcome to provide us with your feedback and suggestions. Your ideas and suggestions will help us present the most presentable Faction Battle to all Castlot players. Thank you! ))

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Lasting only 4 hours is too short. Many players awoke to find the battle had started and was over before we had a chance to participate. I suspect this is due to the efforts of one player in the top ten, being the only one awake and online.

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Can we get a schedule of when the FB will occur. There’s really nothing to do except burn keys right now and I’d like to know when to come back on.

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@vandiego hi, basically we’ll hold the FB once a week, and if you have any preference of the holding time please write it down, we’ll consider about it.

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If you keep the NPC’s as beefy as they were in the last FB, I don’t think time really matters. I thought it’d be kind of cool if the instant one of the bosses dies a 120hr timer starts then the next FB begins. I don’t know about the rest of the players but that’d give you some time to refill your ranks and put more money into your cards. We really need a reason to have an active meta game going. I like what you’ve done with Arena battles (I just can’t participate) and having a reason to keep swapping around cards and trying new strategies versus different players would be great.

And since odds are you’re reading this has anyone else mentioned or complained about the morale loss in FB? I don’t like that if I kill 4x the number of troops fielded I still lose a ton of morale.

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Feel free to ignore the part about morale.

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why are we unable to view troop detail for blackmore & king arthur? It would be nice to see who is attacking them, and see the battles taking place there.

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Rewards for FB updated Aug 16:

Additional Rewards for Faction Battle:
1. All participants of the winning Faction will get Exp Fruit card5*
2. The Top 5 players on the Player Credits ranking in the Faction Battle will receive the following rewards accordingly.

3. Every league member of the Top 3 leagues on the League Credits ranking in the Faction Battle will receive the following rewards accordingly.

Rewards Delivery
1. Rewards will be delivered to eligible players via in-game mails within 24 hours after the Faction Battle ends.
2. Open a Card Package and you will get one card of the same color as the card package randomly.