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Can we get a multiplayer thing?

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I agree, it would be interesting if we could see some form of (more direct) combat against other players.

My own idea would be simple enough: Have a mode where you challenge people to a battle in an “Arena”. The opponent you fight against would be generated from a player’s weekly highscore run, using data on what attack hands were made when to generate attack patterns (which will make these players fairly similar to enemies, but without a regular attack rate). Yes, take Power Cards into account.

(If you survive through the other player’s highscore run, you can figure out what happens then — personally I’d prefer if the enemy started making random hands for physical damage only.)

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Hello Bob10110 and Gameowner,

tx for sharing both your feedback, this is most appreciated. Wonderful idea to play against a player’s highscore run.
We had some similar thoughts and one other complete different scenario, but will take into account this thread. I will be paying close attention to this thread to see if any more feedback is available on the subject of PvP.

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Hello Bob10110,

Let’s dive deeper into options:
How would you actually make certain that the fight against the highscore run does not turn into impossible odds?
e.g. Valmar’s 7.5Mio run must have done damage in the 1000’s of HP. This cannot be just absorbed by one player if that player has to to attack a high score.

If so, how do you define, win or lose?

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As I originally envisioned it, the idea was not specifically attacking the score but rather the player (less focus on score, more focus on defeating a capable enemy). The enemy player would have Hitpoints equal to what they normally battle with. Victory is obtained by reducing the opponent to 0 HP. Obviously, there’s a huge question here…when would this player attack you? The answer lies in what ticks they made hands on in their highscoring run. For example:

Bob10110’s highscoring run completes a hand of Straight on tick 13, a hand of Flush on tick 19, and a hand of a Nature Straight Flush on tick 22.

If someone were to fight against Bob10110, the first attack they would receive would come at tick 13, with the same damage as a Straight. Then they would get hit by a Flush on tick 19 and a Nature Straight Flush on tick 22.

But wait…what if they used Doom on, say, tick 16? Let’s assume it’s the first tier Doom, which stops an enemy skill for 6 ticks. Probably the easiest way to implement this is to stop the step counter for that number of ticks.

If the end of the enemy hand data is reached, figure out a backup plan so the battle can keep going (such as having a regular pattern of (random) attacks every 7 ticks once this point is reached).

Hopefully that’s all of what you needed to know as to my thought processes.