[Skyshard Heroes] Suggestion : Guild membership ranks

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Hi !

This game’s fun
one aspect is the Guild and anything related to it

It would be fun for the leader to be able to make custom ranks

So, let’s take an easy example

Your guild attributes ranks name based on total amount of donations
You could earn the title ‘Honored’ for being such a generous member.

It could be very imaginative as it would be unique for each guild

A sub-class of assistant-leader could be made so trusted members have some of the leader’s privileges such as abandoning tiles or promoting/changing someone’s rank name.

Note: Only the leader or assistant could do such actions

It could have a character lenght limit if its to appear to players outside the guild.
Or the rank name could only be een by guild mates OR a kind of public guild leaderboard to see all members and maybe levels of the player etc

The overall idea is to make more enjoyable and customizable where its possible without endangering game mechancs

Thanks for reading
Let me know what you think

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sub leaders would be nice, agree

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Agree 100%

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Would like this ALOT, Seeing as how, We can’t break the tile limit, We need leaders to dump tiles, And if our leader isn’t On, We get stuck for a bit…

Sub leaders will be very helpful.

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This would be totally helpful and fun! I love the idea, hand-in-hand with that I’d love to be able to scout friendly bases. Sometimes it’s just cool to see each others base design.

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YES! we need more guild management tools! This is very basic atm.

-promote some members so they can abandon tiles and send invites.

-more space to post messages to guild members

-more detailed news feed

-players and guild stats

-better guild chat and fix bugs with chat (i always have to reload because form some reason the chat stop to functioning…)

things like that! : D

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Yup, bump! this would make this game much more attractive to many players who are lookng for a casual game to play while offering fun stuff