[Star Supremacy] Faction Battle Preview

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Get Ready For the Faction Battle
Three factions finally clash! Who wins? Who loses? It is on you!

The latest expansion of Star Supremacy—-Faction Battle will be updated soon. It is a brand new “Planet Domination War” with more exciting gameplay and more super rewards. They are all waiting for you —-the winner!
Before introducing the Faction Battle, we’d like to show you the adjustment we made in this expansion of Star Supremacy:
(1)Large ship and Super ship construction time are reduced greatly
(2)Flying speed is increased greatly. Related researched becomes more cost-effective.
(3)Resources for building aircrafts are decreased.
(4)Factions are balanced. Lance range + 1 and related researches are removed from UEO. Missile range + 1 and related researched are removed from Altairian. In this expansion, your research level, ship enhancement, ship configuration and commander ability directly result in your battle performance.
(5)The ship construction time will be affected by the number of players in a faction. You will build ships faster if you are in the faction with fewer members.

Now, it comes to today’s topic—-Faction Battle. The followings are the basic rules and contents of this battle. Read it carefully and throughout.
(1) Three factions will fight to capture the only Space Fortress in the pointed planet. Rewards will be sent out according to the cumulative time of capturing the SF. The first faction that captures the SF will be rewarded with extra bonus.
(2)The Faction Battle consists of two parts —-“Preparation Time” and “Battle Time”.
(2-1)During the preparation time, Alliance Leader, Vice Leader, Tactic Commander need to select a colony of a member in the alliance as the dispatch point on the open planet for the battle. Keep this in mind: Once the dispatch point is set, it can be changed in the battle time. Those alliances that don’t set a dispatch point are not qualified for the Faction Battle.
(2-2)During the Battle Time, Garrison from players of same faction in same SF will be considered as alliance.
(3)Strategy. Weak factions can capture other factions’ dispatch points to decrease the energy of the leaders in garrison, which can avoid fighting with other factions in the front.
(4)It is not necessary to worry about the loss of ships in the battle, because the ships lost in the battle in attacking SF and dispatch points will be recovered in the colony where you send out the ships. (Defense forces in the SF and dispatch points won’ be recovered)

At last, the most important part—-Rewards!
(1)According to the time of capturing the SF, the holder will get 50k to 400k resources.
(2)You have chances to get colony ship blueprint fragments and Boss ship blueprint fragments.
(3)You have 25% chances at most to get a Purple Leader Card
(4)Resource Bundle gives extra rare resources
(5)Random amount of Dark Materials and Gold
PS, the rewards are sent to the whole faction(Those who don’t take part in the event won’t get any)! You are not alone! And it is the time to prove yourself to the alliances!(Details of rewards will be concluded in another post)