[Runespell Saga] Release notes 2012-10-30

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Hi all,

We heard that a lot of players had some difficulties finishing the maps before time runs out. Now we have changed the times for nodes on map 1 and 2.

The nodes on map 1 are changed to 10 minutes each.

The nodes in map 2 are changed as well:
Treshold, First Descent, The Rival and Dark Hall: 8 minutes
Precipice, Hauntstone and Ashen Gallery: 6 minutes
Ruin Chamber, Berendur and Deep Arch: 4 minutes
Shadow Terrace and Warghul: 3 minutes

The Icy Hordes and The Deep Hordes are excluded from this change. You still have 3 minutes to finish those.

We hope you like the new changes.
Please keep sending us more feedback, since your opinion is really important to us.

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The horde modes have been excluded as these specifically have been build around the thrill of playing against time while keeping check of your HP, POW and building multipliers.

Looking forward to player reactions as this time change is quite a significant step from Always having a time trial next to the Puzzle and the Battle.