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What scares you the most on Halloween? What makes your heart skip a beat? Think of your most feared experience or make up a scary story. Turn your fear into inspiration and sell it!

During this event, post your story for Castlot based on scary experiences or fiction. Scare the other ideas away and stand out from the crowd! Be the King of Halloween and bring eternal glory on your castle!

Event Time

Phase 1: Post Your Design Idea
21:00 on Nov 1 to 21:00 on Nov 4, 2012 (Server Time)

Phase 2: Voting and Campaign
21:00 on Nov 4 to 21:00 on Nov 7, 2012 (Server Time)

Server: All servers


Phase 1: Post Your Design Idea
1. Think and write down a scary story based on your scary experience or you can just make it up.
2. Post your design idea in this thread. Please refer to the post format below when posting.
3. Each player can post more than one story, only one of which will go through the initial screening and be selected.

Post Format (for example) (Please provide all required information* which is especially crucial in the rewards delivery process.)
Server*: S1
Nickname*: BOB
Describe Scary Experience or Story (briefly)*:

Phase 2: Voting and Campaign
1. We will pick out 5 ideas from posts in this thread. Each player can only have one idea chosen for Phase 2. These 5 players will be the finalists in Phase 2.
2.A poll will be set up on Castlot forum and all players will be informed to cast their votes.
3. The finalists can campaign for their own ideas on forum. In the end, the player whose idea attracts the most votes will be the winner.
4. Castlot Team reserves the right to interpret this event.


1. The winner will be crowned King of Halloween. Everytime he/she speak in world channel, there will be a icon before his/her nickname.
2. His/her main city will be decorated with the one-of-a-kind Halloween special aura forever!

Castlot Team

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My history:

“There nothing more scary than pay 500 kreds just for 500 diamonds+50 potions+25 diamonds and the worst part: Faction Battle rewards!”

The end

TY Xoxoxo

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Back in May of last year, I was house sitting for my stepdad. Every other week my brother and I would take turns watching over the house with our step-brother. One night, at about midnight, I was watching TV in the living room, when it went to commericial, I decided to clean up the floor of toys, as we were moving out in a few months. As I was cleaning up, I walked by a set of doors leading to the main bedroom, a few seconds later I felt a chill in the air surrounding me. I then heard a crashing noise coming from the bedroom. I thought the wind had knocked something over and decided to go look. I went through the hallway to the other bedroom door, I quickly opened the door and turned the lights on. I looked around and fortunately, nothing was broken but, unfortunately, the window was closed. As I went to leave the room, I looked around the room one last time, and I noticed that there was a depression in the bed and pillow and there was low pitched voice coming from that direction. I walked backwards towards the door, keeping my eyes on the bed, until I noticed that the depression in the bed began to move in my direction, spooked, I ran out and closed the door. I didn’t sleep well for weeks after that, hearing that same voice every night. I kept the light on to keep me from going insane.
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S3, I think

I wrote this story for a haunted house last year, but had to cancel it due to a freak snowstorm. I thought you could benefit. I have the script from Annabelle’s monologue, if you would like to see it.

You are being taken around to an orphanage by the man who runs it. He begins to take you around the house, but everywhere you go,you see carnage. He seems not to notice. There’s a woman stuffed in the oven, a maid drowned in the bath tub, children dead and the people who work in the orphanage dead all over the house. Every room you walk into or see has carnage in it, and you keep thinking you hear the singsong of a sixteen year old, gleefully telling you how each one died. He finally takes you up to a nursery/dormitory, and there’s a grown woman there. Covered in old blood, she looks at you.
“Who are you talking to?” she asks, in that same singsong voice. “We’ve all been dead for years.”

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Something I wrote late late at night, so there might be grammar mistakes since the story itself is long and I actually had to make it up in around an hour or 2 before going to sleep. It’s not really a scary story, it’s more of a morale/horror story, but I think it fits the theme.

The sorrow assassin’s story…

There once lived a man with long, actually very long black hair, he wasn’t talkative at all.. Had no relatives and no one really ever noticed him.. Life just slipped by.. until that day.
He was always desperate to change something in his life, wanted to get noticed.. and he got such chance.
He became 31, exactly on october 31, he didn’t ever celebrate his birthday but this once, he heard a ring.. it was a door ring, he opened the door and saw kids in costumes asking for candy… for some reason, he hated them from the bottom of his heart, since they were much happier than him, even during his birthday.. he told them to wait and went into basement, where old scythe was held.. it always glew on halloween, but he never told anyone about it. He took the scythe and went back to the door, on the way back he decided to put black hood and black robes, which were held in his wardrobe.
He looked like death itself, and as kids saw him, they were astonished by his looks… but unable to slip a single word, both of them had their heads cut off in a single swing. The man burnt the bodies.. but the heads… he decided to take them back to basement and carve them to look sad, he couldn’t differ them from pumpkins, since they got close to same looks after such heavy blood loss, so he used them to decorate some rooms and the basement.
And so years went by, every halloween, whenever someone came by his house, he mercilessly killed anyone, who came to his house and carved on their heads. But as he was carving head of his 13th victim, he heard another ring in the door, so he opened the door and was shocked… There was a tall man, with dark clothes resembling his own and the same glowing scythe.. As the assasin was preparing to make a swing, the figure started talking: ‘How ungrateful’. The assassin asked what did he mean by that, but the figure just laughed at him. The figure continued: ’Don’t you understand now? The scythe you have is a gift of mine. I think you had a lot of fun with it, but it is something you brang sorrow with to so many people. So how does it feel – making yourself feel good out of other mans sorrow? Probably you had fun, but everything has it’s price. I am the death and I decide who should live or die, but this time, I will make an exception. All those whom you killed. I will grant them life once again and let them decide your destiny itself.’
With those words the Death disappeared.. The next thing assassin saw is him being surrounded by all those, whom he murdered.. He begged to forgive him, but to no use, one of them had a knife with him, as few people held the assassin, they brang him to the mirror and started carving on his face, so he could see the sorrow he brang to others.
The Death, seeing all this sighed.. then silently whispered: ‘Ah, no matter what, even with the gift to live freely, which even I don’t have, humans always follow their darker feelings… I gave them chance to live peacefully again.. But they prefer to bring sorrow to someone, who made them feel the same.’
Death swung the scythe, while whispering ‘disappear’, and assassin as well as his victims started to fade… ‘You don’t deserve to live, neither of you! The lesson, which you should celebrate this day is to appreciate the life, given to you..’
‘And… * death looks at fading assassin* appreciate death of those, whom helped you to continue with your life’…
The assassin suddenly realised… ‘My parents, yes, I always blamed them as I thought they made me suffer by saving my life back then, sacrificing their own … Heh, why didn’t I think about that before.. Thank you.. for making me realise what’s realy important.. I hope eventually, someone will understand your teachings earlier than I did’
And as everything faded, Death made a little grin.. ‘So it’s not totally useless.. I am glad some people understand what they realy should celebrate’

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Oh this is going to be good.

This is a true story. The names used in this story were changed to protect identities.

About roughly 2 years ago, I was over a friend Johns’ house just playing some xbox. Most likely CoD. When this girl came over, named Sarah. We we’re all hanging out, and she decided some time later that she wanted to use a ouija board. Now I do in fact believe in spirits and the whole Heaven/Hell thing as we all did. At first me and my friend were a bit skeptical of doing this. As I had no interest at the time. However, John and Sarah did. So I stayed out of it, as I wanted nothing to do with the tampering of spirits.

Of course we didn’t have some ouija board on hand, so we made one. Out of a pizza box. I know right? Well anyway, they get it all on there and they get candles, turn off the lights, and sit down and begin. They said some phrase before they started (they always did after this incident). Something like “If there are any spirits who are here that wish to communicate, then speak to us now.” At least along those lines. When they did, they both put there finger , on the water bottle cap….yes that’s what they used. So as they did they started asking questions. The basic, “Is anyone here?”, “Are you Good/Evil?” and so on. And as you can expect, the cap did in fact move….but by John. So we all laughed and continued but didn’t take it real serious. So nothing initially happened and eventually she went home.

So the next day, she comes back over (about the same time), and they decide to try it again. They get it all set up and tried to convience me to do it, but I still wanted nothing to do with it. So they did it….but this time they got an answer. They asked, “Is anyone here?” They were of course were joking around and when there fingers were off the cap, the cap moved to yes. So we were all kinda freaked out. So they continued, but nothing happened. So we said “Goodbye” as your suppose to.

About a week later after pretty much nothing, I decided to join in. Boy did it all go down hill from here. It was me, John, Sarah, and Justin. SO we did they set up and what not and began. And none of us were moving it as you could tell if someone was, and as you can expect…that’s how it began. But then it got serious.

It turns out we were talking to someone by the name of “Steave” (the actual name of the Spirit). We asked if it was evil, and it said yes. So we talked to it for a bit. But didn’t learn much besides the fact that it wanted to hurt us, and bring us harm. Eventually we stopped talking to him and went to bed. That’s when things got spooky. It sounded like there were scratching inside of Johns closet, along with the hitting of the wall, and moving his weights back and forth (it was one that you would lay down on and it had a long bar with weights on the end). When we woke up in he morning, we checked the closet. And it actually had black scratch mark inside it.

When we tried the same thing the next day, not real smart I know, we ended up contacting someone else. His name was Adam. He had 3 children, and a house….in Pennsylvania I think. Him and his children died in a house fire. Of course we learned this over a course of a few nights as talking to the spirits went kind of slow. And the noises were still happening.

So eventually we got to the point were we found out that Steave was a demon. And it also turns out that he has been following my friend John for a long time. For his parents did a ouija board as well. So this demon has been following his family for years. This is when it got EVEN WORSE. The girl, Sarah, started getting possessed. By the demon first. And he was okay with John, but hated me and Justin. Me the most. He would say very rude things that I cannot repeat. Mostly he would come out and try to hurt us. But for some reason wouldn’t hurt John.

Then one day, she was possessed by Adam. And he was always trying to help us. He would tell us how “They” were trying to hurt us. But we didin’t know who “They” were. And how he needed help, as it was 1 against many. So Adam wanted us to help him by eating a peppermint and having a sip of vienigar oil. Some nasty stuff. But John said they didn’t have any. So Adam, told us there was some in the back of the cupboard. And I mean waaaaayyyy back there. He didn’t even know it was back there.

So as we continued to do this, we would do it in other places. One time we did it in at this road that was suppose to be haunted. And we were asking the usual questions. When they said “Black Cat.” And I kid you not. From out of nowhere, this black kitten comes out of the darkness. And we weren’t near any cities or houses. It was one of those gravel roads. SO we said Goodbye, jumped in the car, and left. We decided to go to Sonic. And guess what? That black cat was there, in the spot we pulled up in. We got out and looked for it and it was gone. But when we left, it was sitting on the curb watching us. And when it went behind a pole, it was just gone.

Another time, my friend Justin got possessed. And it wasn’t good. It started when we were in the car. And we could tell what was happening. You start to get really tired and get really cold. He was literally shivering and it wasn’t but 74 outside (roughly). When we got inside, it happened. So both John and Sarah got on top of him to hold him down. Sarah was about 140, and John I would say 260. So he had a good 400 pounds holding him down. And Justin was maybe 130, and didn’t work out. And yet he managed to start picking them up. So I got on, and I’m 160. He had almost 600 pounds on top of him and yet was still starting to pick us up. So John hit him in the forehead a few time and that seemed to knock it out of him. When he awoke he had no clue why we were on him and was wondering why his head hurt.

And before I forget. I actually saw this demon. I talked to this demon. This demon touched me on my shoulder and around my back. When it happened, I was quite angry. I don’t remember why, but I was. I had left my friends room into the living room. I sat there awhile and eventually when into his kitchen and sat on the island (like a counter in the middle of the kitchen). And I looked over to the bathroom and he was just standing there in the doorway. He was about 6’ 1’’ 140 pounds. Really slender, with muscle…the whole 6 pack thing. And had horns the came from the top of his head, around where his ears would have been, and extended outward past his chin a little. He came out and walked to me and was trying to tell me to hurt my friends. This didn’t go by with me very well. I said many crude things to him. Many curse words and telling him to leave us alone. I later found out he was trying to thrive off my anger to possess me. This didn’t work for him and he knew it. SO he walked front in front of me, to my left, and has scratched my all the way around my left side as he walked around to my back and out the window. I then later came back into the room, calm as day. As if nothing had ever happened. Like I was never angry. During this event I honestly though about leaving. Before the whole demon thing, that’s how mad I was. My shoes somehow got into the living room, next to where I was sitting. As if he was trying to get me to leave.

There as so many more things to tell you. But It would take so long to type it all down. Basically, in the end when we finally stopped, it turns out each of us had a demon with us at all times, constantly watching us. Always waiting in the dark for the day I forget about him. I’ve had goosebumps the entire time I’ve been writing this. I even get them when I watch TV show or movies about Spirits.

Well that’s my story. All this actually happened, and much more.

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Originally posted by jacobbuckerfield:


I hope you made a joke about trusting it..
If not.. I am going to disappoint you even further… If you ask parents whether Santa exists or not, they will tell no(probably) XD
Easy to fool others for fun even if you are semi paralyzed… and if you actually bother to learn into moving tricks, probably anyone will learn to use his hands well pretty good..
If you want to see real hand skills, try tricks with cards, they are actually more advanced than the board..

But either way – pretty good story, was interesting to read for a bit XD Until it got into realy story modish, where you got way too huge sentences for even someone to bother to fake them, lol..(I wouldn’t bother to fake something more than yes/no and name/fast stuff, maybe only if I had something to do ^^)

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When it comes to an ouija board, there is a Moon and Sun symbol. Moon for evil, and Sun for good. When you ask a spirit if it’s good or evil, it cannot lie when it comes to that. It tried to go to the Sun (the evil spirit) and couldn’t. The only reason I typed so much was because I did it so fast and those actually happened. There’s a lot more too. I’ve seen this “Light” spirit. I’ve seen dark shadow people. You name it. Seeing that demon and having it face to face was the scariest I’ve ever seen. But I have never been so calm in all my life during that moment.

I didn’t want to say their real names either for the fact of keeping their identities hidden. All that stuff actually happened to me. To be honest, I believe he lurks in my closet, watching me for the moment I let my guard down. Of course things have happened in my house since that time as well. Such as footsteps, window’s closing, feeling like your being watched, and being touch. Recently, my front door was slammed constantly and I didn’t bother to check who was doing it because usually it’s my brother going in and out the door. But come later that day I asked my mom about it and she said no one was home. So I do believe it was “Him” who was doing it.

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Also, I thought they were fooling me at first as well. But I have seen this cap move on it’s own. And as for the eating a peppermint and having a sip of vienigar oil, we all did it. And eventually I stopped. They continued doing it. I’ve seen this demon and have had experiencees since then. And the black cat wouldn’t just appear and then vanish. We’ve had one time when we did the board and it said “Fun” and “Cop.” And that same night, we got pulled over. No one was moving the cap, as we were far too into it for that to happen anymore. Seeing is believing. And I understand if you find me crazy or think I made this all up. It’s all quite hard to believe. But those experiences will never be forgotten.

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okey then, i throw my vote for savior.

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My history is not real, but it will make you nightmares for years.

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Erick, Erick had a good family with money, properties…

But he didn’t have something, a sister.

Their parents were 50 years old and couldn’t have more sons.

One day he went to a town and there was a fair, he went to it and saw a tent and in there there was a ’’wizard’’ called himself the dream maker.

Erick thought that he could try to ask him for the sister, and stupid idea-he thought,-but what if it comes true?.

He went to the tent and asked the wizard:

What do you want?
-I want to make my dream true.
-And what’s it?
-I want a sister.
-No price?
-Yes but I will say u when I complete my trade part.
The next week the boy listened his parents shouting of happiness, he approached and saw a pregnancy test that said that they would have a daughter.
-WOW!!!!!-he tohught-It’s true!!!!

But the nights before the birth were full of nightmares of what the wizard will ask.
9 months ago the mother had the delivery and they went to the hospital.
Erick was out, and waiting for his father.When the door opened he saw that his fater’s face wasn’t so awesome, he asked him and he started crying…
Then he went to the tent and asked the wizard for the price, and he said:
‘’You wanted a life but I can’t give a life without taking one, now u have ur dream and I have the price.

Erick went out of the tentand went to the house, then he told his father what happened.The father was so angry that tred to kill him but Erick had a knife that he brought to the tent before for killing the wizard, he killed his father and then he started to cry.

Then a guy knocked the door, he opened and saw the executioner of his family.The wizard was happy when he saw the father dead and then he explained him the truth, the fathers came to the tent too and asked for the daughter, and 3 dreams, 3 lifes, and now the last life is…YOURS!!!!!
He trhew knifes to Erick until he couldn’t dodge them all and slowly, very slowly died.

Did u like th history?Well I think is not the best but I think it’s good for me because:
1I’m Spanish no english
2I have invented it in 10 minutes while I was writting
3I’m only 13 years old.
So please vote my history and I will make your dream trueXD.

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my vote for Hentaka

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Definately me ;)

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So how did this end? Oo

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hi guys, thank y’all for your stories and voting (though we got not much votes). I had our team members read these stories and vote for them, and finally, we have the winner now, which is…..ta-da…Savior on S1! Congrats! As promised, there’ll be an icon before his nickname when he speak in world chat channel, and his city will be decorated with special aura!