[Lost Magic] Crypt (and dungeons in general) - general info and tips

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Crypt is the first of many dungeons of the world of Lost Magic.

To get into the Crypt, you need to:
- be at least level 3
- complete all the prequests whic are the questline of Victor, the paladin
- be in a party of at least 2 players (the more the better, but for first couple bosses 2-3 will do)

The bosses have some unique mechanics and abilities. They may look tough or even unbeatable at first, but once you familiarize yourself with their “playstyle”, that doesn’t take alot to defeat them.

There are 3 bossed in the Crypt. To face the 1st boss you need to be level 3, level 4 for the second, and level 5 to face the final boss.
Killing a boss rewards a ton of experience and some pretty loot, which a group leader can distribute among the group members.

That’s the first reason to go to the crypt with players you trust to. The second reason is “dungeon ids”.

Once you first enter a dungeon, you get your party “saved” to this copy of dungeon for a certain time (4 hours for crypt). You can check your saved copies in Settings → Saved Copies → dungeons. Untill that copy expires, you are tied to it. That is, if your group killed a boss, it wouldn’t respawn for that copy.
Important thing to know is if your party leader already had some packs/bosses cleared once you join his group, you will only be able to enter his copy of given dungeon.
As soon as the copy expires, you are free to put a new party together and defeat all the bosses of yours or lower level again.

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This is awesome knowledge, especially the part about dungeons being “saved” for 4 hours.

Something else that can be mentioned is that you can do dungeons on your own, but you need a premium shop item to do so (and obviously enough strength to take on the boss at the end of the run).

Another awesome thing is the rewards. In our first run, I earned some 2.4k experience for defeating the boss (Mieri). We also found a Reset Attributes scroll (which normally costs 10 gold from town merchants) and some Tomb Raider Boots (which have +2 Def, +2 Stamina and only require level 3). Will be looking forward to doing another run soon, if I can find a team to put together.

For anybody else out there wondering about the fight against the Crypt bosses…I have created spoilers below. Hover your mouse over the spoiler to read it.

(( Spoiler for Mieri, the Undead Princess ))

(( Spoiler for Sir Nigel, the Undead Paladin ))

(( Spoiler for Silence, the Undead Leader ))

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i’m in a party,and my friend already in combat,but i cant in .why?

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when i in that room, ican’t fight or leave//