[Lost Magic] Frequently Asked Questions

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I will do my best to keep this up to date with questions players ask @ forums and chat. Also please feel free to ask questions right here.

Q: What’s the maximum level in this game?
A: It’s nineteen at this time.

Q: how do I buy more than one item from a vedor?
A: control-click. It works on certain stackable items items such as potions only.

Q: how do I split items into two stacks?
A: control-click.

Q: how do I use potions in combat?
A: open your inventory and find the belt interface in the lower left corner. open it and put there some potions so they’re availiable in combat

Q: are magic shards used just for isignias?
A: you will need them later to attack players in free pvp areas. and they are good for some other things aswell, like changing race

Q: How do I leave this party to join another?
A: Click your portrait on the upper left corner.

Q: I’ve defeated another player but it didn’t complete my “Bloody fight” quest.
A: To complete that quest, you need to win a bloody fight event. It’s held in the basement a few times a day. There is a server message 10 minutes before the event starts.

Q: what do I do to participate in an event such as true crycoons attack?
A: first, you need to happen to be in that event location in the right time when the event starts. Or you could ask other players when it starts. Once you participated in an event, its time will appear in Settings → Events.

Q: how do i meet the undead fish?
A: either you ask friends when do fish come, or you just meet it occasionally. Once you completed the quest, next time you could know when the event starts in Settings → Events, as long as you have the quest.

Q: what happens if my equipment’s durability reaches zero?
A: it will stop giving you a boost to your stats, turn red, and be useless until you get it repaired.

Q: Wondering if the game creators can look into this and come up with a more desirable loot system, maybe dice roll, or some kind of points system? Thank you.
A: Party leader could click their portrait to change it either way. You could say if loot is ditributed by the party leader if there’s a bag icon next to his party leader crown. If not, that means loot is ditributed automatically and randomly. Also, if you’re in a party and you couldn’t decie who gets what, theres a “/roll” chat command that makes player roll a random number.

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Shift-click doesn’t seem to work for me to buy more than one item from vendor. Also how do you split items into two stacks?

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My bad, it’s control-click actually for both buying multiples and splitting. Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll update it now.

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um,why is the game loading SLOWLY? and when its done,the map is blank,and i have to wait for a long time for it to load the map? plz tell me why did this happen? if its my comp,then plz tell me how to fix it?

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Hello…i have been getting this message… The page isn’t redirecting properly
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete…is there by any chance a problem with my Firefox or?

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solved it by updateing my Firefox…my apologies…