[BigHeadBash] Hellboy!

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Hello Bashers, Hellboy is now available in BHB!

Grab you favorite B.P.R.D agent today

5 Hellboy toys

Abe Sapien
Roger the Homunculus
Johann Kraus
Elizabeth Sherman

Other build features/changes:
HP set to 200
Boosters version 2 introduced – Boosters are now consumable based on length of matches instead of time

New In-game Booster UI – Above player’s in-game icon, equipped Booster class is now visible ( Red – Offense, Yellow – Support, Blue – Defense)

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I do not think I could possibly squee in a fanboy ferver at this moment in any way possible

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Yay, finally no more booster liers and basing on length of matches.

Pretty good. I beg you, Set HP to 100 though, or 125 at most.

EDIT: But can you give ticket boosters for longer durations? I hate going back after every match to get the speed booster, I miss the bash.