[Hero Zero] Paradox Recuriting lvl 65+

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So, you’ve taken some time to get used to the game, and you’ve discovered that you like it. Great! Paradox may just be the rising team that would work for you!

Current Team Stats (as of 11/12)

Quarters: 25
Facilities: 37
Popularity: 38
Motivation: 31

Current Ranks (as of 11/12)
Honor – 21st overall
Expansion – 74% – 7th overall

What we’re looking for:

  1. Level 65 and up.
  2. Active players, both in gameplay as well as socially, to pass the time.
  3. People that are looking to join a team on the rise and are looking forward to working toward progress.

If interested, please reach out to the leader (Layx) or any of the advisors (Computer, SivlerFox, Crevo, BFMV, and Asharru) via in game message.

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Update: Made improvements to facilities and Popularity, giving us 74% expansion. Moving up in the honor ranks as well.

One spot left open.

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I want to join, I’m a level 63.