Room Names and What They Mean

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NOTE:All room names work with a number appeneded to the back. So /room survivor2 will be a survivor mode map, but will be a seperate room from /room survivor.

Survivor:The objective of the shaman is to kill all the mice. The mice must survive. Occasionally, you have a vampire map, where a randomly chosen player is the vampire and must make contact with other mice for a certain amount of time to turn them into vampires. Vampires try to turn everyone into vampires, mice try to stay mice.

Shaman:Shaman is not listed in the menu list of rooms. However, it is still a fairly popular mode. All maps in Shaman require the shaman to pull off some complicated and difficult to make contraption for the mice to win. Usually, the shaman and the mice are seperated, so the shaman can only work through a wooden wall. Saves as shaman will net you experience points and from there “shaman levels”(will not affect other modes).

Vanilla:Only maps made by Tigrounette and/or Mellibelule are here.

Racing:The mice must race to see who gets the cheese and goes back to the hole first. Under construction, will open at an indefinite time in the future.

Bootcamp:The maps here are REALLY, REALLY hard, and have no shaman. A typical theme in bootcamp is requiring you to walljump up a stick hanging down from the ceiling, slide down it, drop off(below is nothing but the abyss), midair jump to the otherside and cling to the other side of the stick. I have played about 50 hours of bootcamp and I have only seen 3 instances where a mice managed to get the cheese and return to the hole.

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Fight: A Shaman and another shaman fight. No ballons and no killing mice. The winner saves the rest of the mice.

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Confirming that jlee’s /room fight is indeed an official mode.