[Hero Zero] Suggestion regarding trophies

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There isn’t a team out there who actually wants courage trophies. I’ve heard of strong teams de-equipping members trying to intentionally lose fights in order to get rid of them. Given that 20 extra energy can net you a good amount of xp or coins, and 5 extra training gives you essentially 2.5 extra skill points per day (again, which is quite useful,) 20 courage allows you to duel once more per day.

“But Mallomar, courage regenerates so you get more duels than just one!” Yes it regenerates, but at the same rate as without a trophy. The only “extra” benefit you’d get is if you went offline and came back later. If one duels continuously (say, while waiting for missions to resolve,) then the only extra that a player gets is one additional duel. Not a great trade-off for a 10% skill hit when team fighting.

It needs to be improved, for sure. If you absolutely positively have to keep it as a duelling benefit, make it so courage regenerates 20% faster instead of just 20 extra courage. But personally, I’d change the trophy to something like extra free second-hand shop offers/spins or less minutes on special mission turnarounds.

As it stands, the courage trophy is more curse than blessing.

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lol remove courage from da game.(look at noob team wanna have my courage? )