[Parallel Kingdom] The Guild of Burners

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The Guild of Burners is a group of players dedicated to completely destroying a certain player’s territory. They will attack en masse(because structures can only be burned once every 22 hours, if we are going to complete the attack quickly, we’ll need to have lots of burners, each focusing on one structure) and destroy log cabins, flags, caves and so on.

Any abandoned flags(phase 2) will be taken control of and then subsequently destroyed(to prevent the original owner taking control of it again). After destroying his structures, we will then cut down all his trees so he can’t harvest anything and kill all his monsters so he has nothing to hunt. Of course, they will respawn but it will delay him and make us stronger.

However, although we will destroy without mercy, targets will be chosen carefully. Targets that are active and fair traders(those who constantly sell resources at fair prices) will be left alone as they benefit everyone, including us. New players will also not be attacked.

Targets that we will focus on will be traders who jack up prices hoping to scam newbies, password stealers and people who encroach on any guild member’s territory.

The Guild of Burners is now recruiting! Simply sign up in this thread.

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I would like to join.