[Zombie Pandemic] How much would you pay?

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This is one of the better zombie MMOs I have played in a while. And while 299 Kreds for nearly a year’s worth of premium membership is great. I would love to have the option for a lifetime premium membership in this game.

I would be willing to pay 1150 Kreds for a lifetime premium membership.

What do you think would be a reasonable price for a lifetime premium membership?

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Well.. Before I’d consider paying anything, I’d like a game that at least fit to screen, instead of overfilling.
But, yes, the game isn’t too bad. Being pretty un-knowledgeable regarding prices, I’d have to actually see myself for comparable things and their prices before I could put this on a scale.

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I have a difficult time imagining paying a subscription fee for a time/energy regeneration based game. Pay to play…ok. Wait to play…ok. Pay to wait to play? Not going to happen.