[The Grinns Tale] the lazy guide to wood farming EVER

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Hi guys, i really love this game, but hey, no one likes to waste 1+ hour of his life farming wood cause its such a drag.

Introducing the lazy wood farm technique i just invented just now.

step 1: Set graphics to low to speed things up

Step 2: Get an archer with first attack and electrobolt2. Turn off ricochet.

Step 3: Get a t4/t5 knight who take no more than 1 damage from stoneskins (i think you need at least 250 defense)

Step 4: Get 4 sneaks without a weapon. A dandy/shadow is fine too, but you have to unequip the sword. The sneaks should learn ricochet and scavenge 2.

Step 5: Go to Halvarian Peaks room1.

1) There are 2 stone skins and 3 poison zappers. Use the archer to kill the 3 zappers at the back.

2) Put your knight in front and let it be idle.

3) switch out the archer for a sneak.

4) Use the sneaks to attack the stone skins.

5) Go for a cup of tea/ watch you tube for roughly 3 minutes.

6) The sneaks should be starving. Switch the 2 sneaks out for the other 2 not starving sneaks.

7) Go for another tea break

8) Come back after another 3 minutes and your team should be dead.

- If you are efficient (you dont let your sneaks starve for too long)

You can gain exactly 1555 wood in approximately 4 minutes 10 seconds. Assuming it takes 50 seconds to prepare (feed/ etc)

You can earn 1555 wood in 5 minutes
and hence you earn (18660) wood in 1 hour, which is honestly, not that good, but is pretty much hands free.

Thats it folks!

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You have way too much free time for Tree Farming…..lol
But i like the way your thinking.

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or you can use some of the scripts from the neighbour topic

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Or you can just mix your method and the script together. That way, you can just leave the grinns attack and feed by themselves.

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I agree lechat, although the method could easily be modified to farm metal too!

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lechat, I’m guessing you’re at least a tier ahead of me, if not two – I’m on the 24-30 levelling grind for for my heroes, and I’m bottlenecking hard on wood, while metal keeps hitting my storage cap. (I could grind IB1 for wood, of course, but I’m too lazy to do more than about ten runs there at a time. Heh. So that might be the difference, too.)

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Originally posted by zemega:

Or you can just mix your method and the script together. That way, you can just leave the grinns attack and feed by themselves.

Q* how to make the grinns feed by themselves?

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I do something similar in Highland falls 3 while I read/browse the net, I put an Adventurer with Regen 2 out in front, with two other adventurers with Scavenger 2 and ricochet, they’re all locked at level 18, I just do the first fight of the room and restart it over and over again.

There’s never any danger of dying and I make bit over 400 wood 80 iron a fight, been using that to max all my production units quickly.