[Kingdoms CCG] Bad Cards

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Compare: Elementals boon X Trick
Elementals Boon
Uncommon Spell
2 Mana cost
Deal 2 (magic) damage for enemy hero.

Uncommon Spell
2 Mana cost
Deal 2 unblockable damage for enemy hero. And make a combo whit Treat too.
Being uncommon you can use x4 in limited. Need to be a rare card.

Tribute to the Goods
Rare Spell
5 Mana cost
Like a boss, stop the Dwarven battle rig,
No matter if used… Unholy Rampage, Divine Ascension, or something like abbadon ability its still destroy the card. And get 80% mana back.

Nerf this cards please _

Ps: Erratic Werewolf is bad too.