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Quest Guide

This is a very simple quest guide. The numbers refer to the order that I personally completed the quests, but feel free to do them in any order you wish. Quest givers will be italicized and quests will be bold. I will do my best to try and keep the list up to date and in a pleasant looking format so please be kind lol.

Quests from Dani

1) Bane of Bikers: Go to Newcomers Square and fight with Ten Rats.

2) Bone Collector: Go to Cemetery and fight three Skeletons.

Quests from Victor

3) Ravenous Researchers: Go to Cemetery and fight Evil Skeletons or Angry Skeletons until you obtain five Vertebrae.

4) In the Name of Science: Go to Cemetery and fight Angry Skeletons to obtain two Very Evil Skulls. Fight Hungry N to receive one N Brain.

5) Regards From Victor: Go to Curved Road and speak to Elton.

Quests from Elton

6) Surprise Donors: Go to Three Corners and fight Lukatlog to obtain five Lukatlog Blood.

Quests from Blacksmith Mikhail

7) Mukhtar, Bite!: Go to Central Square and talk to Blacksmith Mikhail. Tip use bleed to damage Mukhtar.

Quests from Alice

8) Domestic Felicity: Go to Three Corners and fight Lukatlog until you receive Rolling Pin of Jealousy.

Quest From Bob/Hubert

9) Kidnapped Wife: Go to Slowille and talk to Hector. You will have to fight him to obtain Female Dwarf Holga.

Quests from Albert

10) Courier Assignment: Go to Chilton and talk to Hoffman.

Quest from Fery

11) Hunter Initiation: Go to Three Corners and fight Big Lukatlogs to obtain 12 Fine Fangs.

Quest from Frank

12) Tearful Task: Go to Border and fight Crycoon until you obtain Crycoon’s Tear

Quest from Barrymore

13) No Time to Live in Peace: If you do not already have 15 Rage potions go to Three Corners and buy some from Frey.

Quest from Tricia

14) Feet for Luck: Go to Three Corners and fight Lukatlogs until you obtain 15 legs.

15) Spectral Fabric: Go to Slowille. Inside abandoned house you will need to fight Phantasm to obtain their clothing. Tip get quest from Hector “In The Name of Art” to do both quests at once.

Quest from Hector

16) In The Name of Art: Go to Slowille. Inside abandoned house you will need to fight Phantasm until you obtain Art?.

Quest from Victor

17) Offensive Recon: Go to the Cemetery. You will need to find a team/party to enter crypt dungeon. Mieri, the first boss in Crypt, Heals +20 hp per turn. You will need to get hit by her skill to gain a buff which increases your damage with each stack. This is a survival fight so make sure to have plenty of healing potions. If you die and your team kills boss you will not get credit for the quest and will have to wait 4 hours till dungeon resets.

Quest from Ten Rats

18) Clandestine Games: Go to Central Square. Enter the basement and talk to Tyler.

Quest from Tricia

19) Iron Guts: Sign up for City Arena. You can do this by going to Find Group and clicking on the PvP-instances tab. Once there are 10 players in queue the match should start. Defeat one of the Golems to obtain Gear Wheels. Tip get the Royal Tournament daily quest so you can do both quest at the same time.

Quest from Arena

20) Royal Tournament: Go to Castle Alley and click on Arena. This will give you a daily quest to participate in arena.

Quest from Bank

21) Banking Services: Go to Castle Alley and click on bank. Press the big button. Then press 2 to open an account. This costs 20 silver but you will receive 15 silver after.

Quest from Jeanne

22) Delivery Service: Go to the Cemetery and talk to Victor. Then return to Jeanne at Full Duck.

Quest from Victor

23) Graves Cleanup: Go to the Cemetery and kill any undead mobs to collect Undead Bony Wrists.

24) Risky Expedition: Enter the Crypts located in the Cemetery. After you kill Mieri another path will open a few rooms back. This leads to Sir Nigel. At 60 rage Nigel will use a skill that hits for a LOT of damage. It is helpful to have some defense potions and bone or hunter whistles to help take the hit.

Quest from Mr. Schmidt

25) Hunting Business: You will need to fight monsters equal to your level. Eventually you will catch Packed Catch.

Quest from Barrymore

26) At the Tail: Go to Border and fight Crycoon until you collect 10 tails.

Quest from Alexander

27) Fishing with Live Bait: Go to the Cemetery and wait for the location event. I am not 100% sure but I believe it happens every half hour.

Quest from Hoffman

28) Camouflage Stores: Enter the Crypts located in the Cemetery. Tomb Raider Sunglasses have a chance to drop from any boss.

Quest from Albert

29) Disrupted Ritual: Go to Forest Alter and fight Log and Mossy Log to obtain Candels, Candelsticks, Clay Totems, Urns, and Bulbs.

Quest from Paris

30) Expropriation : Go to Slowille and enter the abandoned house. Inside the abandoned house there should be an entrance to the cellar. You will need to fight the mobs inside to obtain Ectoplasm. Use the Ectoplasm to summon more mobs. These should drop various kinds of wine. Once you have 20 bottles[does not matter what kind] you can turn them in to Paris.

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