[Dragons of Atlantis] No more transport troops in Spectral ?

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Tonight I stopped in for a few minutes just to see, that sb spyed my water-outpost. As I had no troops or ressources in it, I just wondered.

Well what happened is this: my transport troops that where transporting materials in my spectral outpost (safe heaven) somehow where moved into my water outpost and some xxxx@@@xxx that have found that out early simply started to attack water outpost just for the fun of destroying peoples troops.

Now I know that this is a wargame, so I don´t complain about beeing attacked BUT: moving troops from one outpost to another, where they can be attacked and destroyed easily WITHOUT even messaging the players is simply a NO GO. Why haven´t you informed us, that you regard it a bug or exploit and are willing to change it?

Whats next? Choosing troops to randomly defend even if they are placed hiding? Because thats just what you did and I get dozens of letters from you each week for every small event or update and for such a game changing thig nothing? Very, very, very BAD COMMUNICATION!

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Well, Kabam has already comfirmed that transporting resources and troops to Spectral Ruins was not what they designed it to function. They had plans for (not sure if they had) fixing this ‘bug’ or ‘glitch’ but recently they announced that they are not going to fix this anymore.

They however warned that this function of spectral ruins is ‘kind of glitch’ so that they do not support any kind of problems arising from transporting army or resources to spec ruins, and there had been a lot of cases for which some unknown bugs had arose from exploiting this un-wanted function; for instance someone had found out that their troops and resources transported to spec ruins somehow ‘disappeared’ and s/he lost it forever.

For more details you can cave into kabam’s DOA forums, but generally, when you send your res/army to spec ruins you always have to know that there is a risk that something unpredictable might happen.

P.S. By the way, Kabam is pretty much ‘well known’ for their poor support, so I think there is nothing you can do about this. I recommend you just dont send your res, but rather just use them up as quickly as possible. For troops just dont wall and you’ll be fine…