[Zombie Slayer] Hidden Combinations for Craftys

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Anyone know of the 2 sofar? Kamikaze Cruiser or Firebuck shardshot?

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Kamikaze Cruiser.

15/14 Vehicle

Rocket Camaro. x1 (crafting)
Moonshine Molotov. x1 (Hillbilly)
Vehicle Part. x1

Firebuck Shardshot.

6/3 Weapon

Ithaca Stakeout. x1 (Purchasable)
Moonshine Molotov. x1 (Hillbilly)
Weapoen Part. x1

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Kamikaze Cruiser: United States Level 11 $35,000
1x Rocket Camaro (Craft Item)
1x Moonshine Molotov (Hillbilly Boss Drop)
1x Vehicle Part

Firebuck Shardshot: United States Level 14 $20,000
1x Ithaca Stakeout (Purchased)
1x Moonshine Molotov (Hillbilly Boss Drop)
1x Weapon Part

Arctic Apocalypse: Canada Level 35 $40,000 (*Thanks to Alexander Lee for the recipe)
1x Canadian Special Forces Gear (Craft Item)
1x Chainsaw (Purchased)
1x Light Machine Gun (Purchased)
1x Gear Part

Northern Enforcer: Canada Level 37 $100,000
x1 Electric Skidoo (Craft Item)
x1 Parliament Gavel (Outbreak Drop)
x1 M26 Taser (Challenge Reward)
x1 Vehicle Part

Gaucho Wheels: Brazil Level 45 $200,000
x1 Gaucho Blade (Brazil Challenge Drop)
x1 El Camino (Brazil Challenge Drop)
x1 Vehicle Part

Automatic Grenade Launcher: Brazil Level 57 $75,000
x1 FN Minimi (Purchased)
x1 M79 Grenade Launcher (Purchased)
x1 Weapon Part

Halberd Shield: Spain Level 64 $500,000
x1 Halberd (Purchased)
x1 Beach Umbrella (Outbreak Drop)
x1 UN Helmet (Gift)
x1 Weapon Part

Boss Truck: Spain Level 78 $2 Million (Thanks to Alexander Lee for the recipe)
1x Military Pickup Truck (Purchased)
1x Metal Edged Fan (Flamenco Dancer Boss Drop)
1x Lance (Conquistador Boss Drop)
1x Vehicle Part

Guitar Gun: England Level 87 $2.5 Million
x1 Gretsch Guitar (Challenge Drop)
x1 Heckler & Koch MP5 (Purchased)
x1 Weapon Part

Royal Proximity Uniform: England Level 95 $1.5 Million
x1 Windsor Castle Uniform (Outbreak drop)
x1 Proximity Mine (Boss Drop)
x1 Gear Part

Chair Mounted Guns: France Level 105 $6 Million
x1 Automatic Handgun (Craft Item)
x1 Steel Chair (Boss Drop)
x1 Weapon Part

F1 – Destroyer: France Level 118 $7.5 Million
x1 Renault F1 Car (Purchased)
x2 LGI Mle F1 (Purchased)
x1 LLR 81mm Mortier (Purchased)
x1 Vehicle Part

Water Warrior: Italy Level 125 $10 Million
x1 Scuba Gear (Gift)
x1 Gondalier Uniform (Purchased)
x1 Gear Part

Tripod Rifle: Italy Level 175 $35 Million
x1 7.65 Calibre Rifle (Boss Drop)
x1 Sheet Music Stand (Boss Drop)
x1 UN Machine Gun (Gift)
x1 Weapon Part

Electric Splash: Switzerland Level 210 $50 Million
x1 Cree Sam Electric Car
x1 Rinspeed Splash
x1 Unicycle
x1 Vehicle Part

Smashin’ Balls of Fire: Switzerland Level 240 $60 Million
x1 Great Balls of Fire (Switzerland Craft Item)
x1 Tennis Racket (Tennis Star Boss Drop)
x1 Old School Racket
x1 Weapon Part

Sports Armor: Germany Level 290 $200 Million
x2 Handball Uniform (Outbreak Drop)
x1 Goalie Gear (Gift)
x1 Football Pads (Gift)
x2 Gear Part

Dual Threat Launcher: Germany Level 300 $300 Million
x1 Proton Rocket Launcher (workshop)
x1 EMP Ray (mad scientist)
x1 Steampunk Goggles (gift)
x1 Weapon Part

Space Soldier: Russia Level 340 $350 Million
x1 Sokol KV2 Spacesuit
x1 Russian Roulette
x1 UN Uniform
x2 Weapon Part

Rammer: Russia Level 360 $350 Million
x1 Lada C
x1 Russian Express Mouthguard
x1 UN Helmet
x2 Vehicle Part

MVP: China Level 420 $1.2 Billion
x1 Team China Uniform (Great Wall Zombie boss drop)
x1 Flaming Doubledribble Staff (China Craft Item)
x2 Gear Part

Fiery Catapult: China Level 420 $1 Billion
1x Flaming Basketball (Boss Drop)
1x Fishing Pole
1x Rice Bowl (Boss Drop)
2x Weapon Part

Titan Thrasher: India Level 450 $2 Billion
1x Battle Elephant
2x Mahishasura’s Sword
1x UN Machine Gun (Gift)
2x Vehicle Part

Performancetar: India Level 480 $2.2 Billion
1x Snipertar
1x Movie Reel
1x Z-Beats Headphones
2x Weapon Part

Stafftana: Japan Level 515 $4 Billion
x1 Taiko Sticks
x1 Onyx Naginata
x1 Throwing Knives
x2 Weapon Part

Soran Competitor: Japan Level 525 $2 Billion
x1 Soran Dance Costume
x1 Dragon Mawashi
x1 Wool Hat
x2 Gear Part

Bowie Dart: Australia Level 660 $6 Billion
x1 Bowie Knife (outlaw outback)
x1 Digeridoo (Australia mission)
x1 Throwing Knives (gift)
x3 Weapon Part

Cyber Cannon: Nigera Level 720 $8 Billion
x1 Cyber Suit (Dembe Boxer fight drop)
x1 Daewoo K2 (store item)
x1 UN Machine Gun (gift item)
x3 Weapon Parts

Battle Cat: South Africa Level 775 $10 Billion
x1 Lion
x1 Blunderbuss
x1 Emerald
x3 Vehicle Part

Swordspinner Hat: Thailand Level 835 $8 Billion
x1 Royal Guard
x1 Thai Sword
x1 Stabby Hat
x3 Gear Part

Hydrocannon Truck: Mexico Level 935 $11 Billion
x1 Firehose (Mexico mission)
x1 Oshkosh Sandcat (shop)
x1 UN Jeep (gift)
x3 Vehicle Part

Glass Cannon: Argentina Level 1065 $12 Billion
x1 Chandelier (Argentina mission)
x1 Thumper Launcher (shop)
x1 Aquamarine (gift)
x3 Weapon Part

Phoenix: New York City Level 1175 $13 Billion
x1 Napalm Bomb
x1 Pigeon
x1 Freedom Torch
x1 Vehicle Part

Septic Cannon: New Orleans Level 1245 $14 Billion
x1 Tee Shirt Cannon
x1 Septic Truck
x1 P22 Compact
x5 Weapon Part

Laser Battleaxe: San Francisco Level 1330 $15 Billion
x1 Laser Cutter
x1 Protest Sign
x1 Diamond
x5 Weapon Part

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Just for the record, I didn’t figure these out myself I got them at the Official Kano Apps forum