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I’ve been playing for a little while now. I keep putting the game down in disgust, and then coming back to it, which tells me there’s a core of a good idea here. So I started thinking about what bothers me about the game and what can be done to improve it. Here’s my wish-list, in no particular order.

- Better in-game tutorial/instructions.
The tutorial as it currently stands doesn’t go into stats and items in anything like enough detail to be going on with. It doesn’t cover item decay and repair. And there probably ought to be an option to replay it for new players that aren’t quite confident they’ve got it down. The help button should not take players out of the game, and the one in fights should actually work (it does nothing, presently). There should be instructions for the buildings. And information about everything, buildings, stats, and all, should not rely solely on hover-text.

- More explanation of cults and their abilities, or the ability to change cults once for free.

- Better balancing of cults.
I haven’t been playing and especially not PvPing enough to put my finger on what’s going on there, but when the cults are ranking in the same order day after day, balance issues are pretty easy to spot. Perhaps someone else can weigh in here with specifics on this one?

- Better indication of monster strength.
Currently the labels like ‘strong’ do nothing to tell you how hard a monster is actually going to be to tackle. Either those labels need to change or the info page that comes up when you click needs to show some basic stats — maybe health, armor, damage — in addition to the rewards.

- Animation controls.
There should be some way to tell what is going on in battle even with animation off. It should be possible to turn off island animations seperately from battle animations.

- Play-by-play in battle
As above, currently the only feedback on battle action is the animations. There’s no way to tell how successful a strike was. The ‘blocked’ animation doesn’t seem to come up as often as blocking actually occurs (at least, no damage occurs. Why? I don’t know because there’s no feedback). I’m still trying to figure out if matches caused by the fall take effect; every time I decide they do, I see a skull or life match happen that apparently does nothing, and every time I decide they don’t, I see damage dealt by a skull-match in the fall. One reason might be that the gameboard moves a lot faster than the effect animations, and I think sometimes things are skipped.

- Improve skill/item balance.
It seems like some opponents can’t be damaged at all by gameboard play. Yes, I realize this is because I’m low-level (and see above re: opponent rating not being helpful) but it is intensely frustrating to have the only method of damage explained by in-game instructions simply fail to function. Likewise some items seem to have effects all out of proportion to their level. Yes, you’ve nerfed Agony but that’s hardly the only offender.
It’s really obvious at low levels when you get killed before you understand what’s happening. PvP is for the strong? Ok, then make it clear (in-game) that a new player should hunt monsters for a while before trying to fight PvP. You lose players when they get frustrated. Either that or you need a better PvP balancing mechanic, because you’ll probably lose players who want to PvP and realize they’ll have to grind exp on monsters for a while before they can jump in.

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I agree with most points… especially the lack of tutorial or documentation. Yes, there is a fan-made Beginner’s Guide, and a very short FAQ, but people keep asking everything in the chat, and most wouldn’t think about looking for info OUTSIDE the game. Even if it means scrolling down.

About the monster strength: I think it’s fair enough to have 3 main categories. After all, if the stats were given, you would have an easy task, it wouldn’t be exciting (“shall I try? shall I skip?”).
Each monster takes one attempt to figure out whether you can handle him or not in the future.

About the second to last point:
If it’s your turn and make your move, the final updated HP of your opponent is only displayed after a few turns.
I guess that the chain that comes after your move is calculated instantly, and the animation has to keep up with it. By that time, the final HP is long known but will only be displayed after a few chains… weird.

About the blocking, perhaps it’s the armor absorbing it all.
An event log should be a must… the chat area is perfect for that. The chat is not used most of the time anyway. Even then, it could be switched from Battle Log to Chat with a simple button……

About the last point, I agree, new players only see a Fight button, of course they will click on it… sadly.
It should be mandatory to go to the Arena every time OR update the text: “Fight in the arena” which would indicate that it is for the very best

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(Just adding on what I think would improve the game.)

I think it’d be nice if you could stack consumables in the inventory. As in, if you have 2 of the same item, it only takes one slot in the bag instead of two. The cost for repairing items are too high. Lowering it to 3 would be better. I also agree with the “Fight button text change” idea. For a while in the beginning, I thought I was fighting against an AI opponent. Having a search option would be nice, whether it’d be search for a certain object or player or monster on a player’s island. The latter is a bit much to ask for though.

I don’t know if the Tree sets you up with another player in the same stats range or not, but it should. Sometimes I’m up against players that are ridiculous strong and I lose within 5 turns.

More monsters? I feel like I’ve seen all the monsters there are (the spiders are an exception).

Oh and I agree with Tarc87 about an event log.

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Indeed stackable potions would be nice, but i dont really see that happening since that way you wouldnt need SO MANY backpack slots. so i dont see that happening any time soon.

One good improvement would be a few avatar for the Tournament side of the game.
Something like be “be first 10 times in diamond T” on one and be forst 10 times on another one
etc. you get the drift.

thats it from me

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OOoookay, So here is my new Game improvement suggestion/ wish.

This will be regarding MONSTERS found on different islands.

This game spawns monsters on everybody’s islands. That much is nice, but if you are hunting for monsters→ after a while you will run out of Good quality monsters and only the low lvl / common monsters would remain making lvling/ hunting with monsters inefficient and very time + energy consuming.

If somebody (like me) have hit this barrier the only way to continue (and get the medals) is to SPEND ENERGY on monsters to scare them away(stil no xp for the energy) and roll for a RANDOM!!! monster which might be just as bad, or worse as th one before.

My suggestion would be to respawn the monsters on the islands every day or so. this way we’d have a constant flow of monsters to play with and wouldnt be forced to Try you luck in the arena and hope not to get 1turn killed if you dont get the first move.

So in a short summary: Implement a daily monster rotation on the islands.

I want to hear your ideas about this so post, post, post!


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I do like this idea suggested by Buliati and I also have a few suggestions. Recently, I have been having problems getting items I can use, so I, as I’m sure a lot of players do, search through island after island, checking player markets. This is very time consuming, tiresome, and sometimes very discouraging. I suggest having an open market, where you have a counter, however you can scroll through other players counters, without moving island to island. I understand there are medals for exploring islands and the markets are a reason to visit however, there are other reasons to look through islands, such as as monster hunting. Also, as addressed by Buliati, you have to get lucky when you are in the arena, depending on your opponent. I think there should be some type of option, for those who havent had the luck (or wallet size) as some other players, like two separate buttons for battles (one for pvp and another for vs ai). The computer opponent may have a lower exp gain, loot, etc… to make pvp worth going to, yet you may still have the option to grind out some money and or items to prepare yourself for pvp. Sorry for the long winded post, but I do like this game very much, its unique and creative, and I would love to see some of these ideas put to use. Thanks :)

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That’s why it’s called ‘Player vs Player’ – because you want to play vs AI… lol… the problem is that we need new items and balancing the existing ones. Or maybe an option to fight like in tournament – lvl 1 spells, 150 hp :)

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@AnachroNia we are not FORCED to pvp. i personally take great plasure in killing ex shadows and lower lvl stuff as well because the medals they give are good and i dont like the where pvp is headed.

all pvp in arena if not vs bots is: potions potions, silence or stun something something (snowball) end. WOW HOW FUN!!

Dont come here just to bash ppl unless you have something constructive to add. I still think we need at least weekly monster rerolls because as ppl level up they’d spawnhigher lvl monsters thus making it more efficient to farm mobs (or even encounter them). a refresh once a week would be enough and would be very well implementable as we saw with the xmas event.

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Yes, I’m not forced to PvP… but the previous suggestion was to add only AI battles in the arena… and this is stupid… because if you want to play vs AI – there are monsters on the islands. The AI in the arena is only because there aren’t enough people so you can PvP all the time.

“all pvp in arena if not vs bots is: potions potions, silence or stun something something (snowball) end. WOW HOW FUN!!”

And if you read my “non-constructive” suggestion again… well in tournaments you can’t use potions, you don’t have stun, silence etc… everyone has the same 5 lvl 1 spells and the same hp. If we have this option in the arena pvp – yes, I think it would be fun…

Monster rerolls would be nice too. And if you remove the stupid thing that after a few island jumps … the game starts to show the same islands. I didn’t find what I was looking for there – that’s why I jump to other islands… d’oh.

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My suggestion is to make a time limit in the arena. It is frustrating to fight the same person over and over again.
If you fight somebody, make it a 5 minut break interval or sth !

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Whats about a nice sound for snowballs? kawoosh!

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Originally posted by karhi:

Whats about a nice sound for snowballs? kawoosh!

We totally need this! First post I love in this thread ;]

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I suggest changing the requirement for Stun medals from finishing opponent to using the spell. The main idea of the spell is controlling, not dealing damage so forcing people to use it last would ruin the strategic aspect of the spell.