[Dungeon Overlord] Recruitment and Membership Rules

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These are loosely the rules that Chaos uses to choose new members, and to keep current ones. I believe that a lot of unnecessary drama can be avoided by following similar rules for your own alliance.

1 Members must be active daily, or advise a trusted friend to pick up for them and a leader how long they will be away. If inactive for a week, you will be booted from the alliance and your coords will be posted for alliance members to loot you. If you know you are quitting please advise us ahead of time, set your creatures to hide and ship out your furniture for dispersal to the alliance. Please leave your nodes turned on if you are near an alliance member, also leaving vault stacking furniture, mine stacking furniture and turbominers if asked to by that member.

2 For admission to the alliance, be prepared to spend several days in our applicants list while we watch you for daily play and growth. If you miss a day logging in, we will delete your application however will not stop you from reapplying in future if you have more time for the game. If your power sits and does not grow at a reasonable rate, your application will be deleted, but again, you are encouraged to reapply at a later date if you have more time.

3 Real life friends are welcome to join the alliance and are encouraged to find a friend location in the region where their friend is located. Said friend will be responsible for helping that person develop, and if in an older area, to help them with resources and troops as needed until they catch up.

4 There is to be implemented a power minimum for new applicants, that is not less than roughly half what the best players in the region are at currently. I will say that in a new area, two dungeon and 200-250 power will be required to interview for membership, and in an more established region 300-350 power for membership. We are currently not recruiting in new regions, but will allow applications to sit pending until they reach the power goal. Chaos membership in established regions require considerably higher power as well as proven gameplay skills.

5 Members who apply will be interviewed by a recruiting officer. Questions that will be asked can include but not be limited to the following: Do you know anyone in the alliance who can recommend membership on your behalf? Have you ever played this game or a similar game before, if so what server/game? Have you ever had a leadership role in an alliance, if so, what was it, and what role would you like to play in this one? What style of player are you, fighter, trader, crafter, elf raider? What special skills do you bring to the alliance? How often do you play?

6 If you apply in a region where we are actively pvping other players, we will first check with our other members to ensure you are not a current target of theirs. We will not accept players in order for them to avoid attacks by our members, not our allies.
There are no right and wrong answers to these questions though the best players will have some experience and knowledge of this style of gameplay and have some idea of how to answer these questions. The main goal of asking them is to determine if the player would be a good fit for your alliance, personality wise and skill wise. If you have a region of all fighters, adding some crafters and traders will be very beneficial. You want a good mix of people and player types.

7 We will not recruit outside of a region that we have established members in who are willing to provide support for the applicants. If you are in a region and do not have stonegating, then you should only be recruiting in your own region. If you have the ability to stonegate and enter another region and wish to recruit, be certain that you recruit smartly, meaning if the region is already under control of another group, that you first seek out guidance from that group to avoid a war. For the purpose of new players starting out, you will be required to recruit only in the region your starter dungeon is in, unless you enjoy pvp to the point you want your members to be raided.

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Very prudent.

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