[Castlot] A Sneak Peek at Arena 3 Vs 3!

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The Arena in Castlot will have a bold and interesting change – 3 Vs 3! For a really long time, when one challenges the other to a duel, they can only fight to the death on their own. But soon, they will be able to send their heroes to fight in their stead! Meanwhile, the Arena interface will be renovated to match the new 3 Vs 3 feature!

Yup! The new Arena interface will make it more convenient to appoint heroes and change formation. PVP in Arena will become more exciting. It will be a bigger challenge of luck, strength and wits. Every Epic hero is important. How to use your heroes wisely will become the key to victory!

The developers are working diligently on this new feature. If everything goes according to plan, the new feature will be available in mid-November. More first-hand top secret information will be released on forum. Stay tuned!

Castlot Team