[Zombie Pandemic] Join Clan Deity

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Deity is the ONLY Clan you want to join.

Living room LVL5 (Max) getting you an extra 25% daily

Skill stations at LVL10 (Max) which will allow you to max out each skill

Maxed out storage to keep everything you could ever need (OVER 1100 LBS!)

Maxed out Food and water production to give you free items nearly daily

Multiple Safehouses in the areas you will visit ready to help you.

With over 200 members… How can you go wrong???

(penguinninja in Room #1)

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Please add me as member. Thanks :)

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I am new, but looking for a Clan..an invitation would make me quite happy :D

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Hey we’re in the middle of a zombie pandemic here. I suggest we all stick together and not try to dominate each other!

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Apply by selecting Menu/Clan and then asking to join Deity. Trust me, you wont regret it. You can spend your time leveling up instead of days or weeks building stations we have already maxed out for you.