[Odin Quest] Obtain Purple Set Box on Treasure Hunt!

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Event Duration:
Server Time 0:00 13th23:59:59 19th, Nov 2012

Event Site:
All Server

Event Details:
Wanna get some FREE Goldleaf on Odin Quest? It’s the best time for you to obtain them.

During the event, top players who explored the Treasure Hunt will obtain FREE Goldleaf. The more points you got, the more Goldleaf you will obtain. Hurry to obtain most Goldleaf now!

Rule of Obtaining Points

Event Rules:
player will get score in Treasure Hunt. Different types of Treasure Hunt give different amount of score. Players with the score of over 200 are qualified for rewards. Top 20 players in score rank will obtain bountiful rewards.


Lv72 Purple Set Box:100% Obtain Lv72 Purple Helmet, Armor or Shoes
Warrior Grave Pack:equals to Treasure Hunt in Warrior Grave Once
Ancient Ruins Pack:equals to Treasure Hunt in Ancient Ruins Once

All rewards will be sent via ingame mailbox after the events. Please remember to claim.

Odin Quest Team

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What about my other reward from 3 weeks ago am I ever gunna get that or no?