[Castlot] Backpack Expander

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So just fooling around waiting for a timer to whittle down. I clicked on the third backpack’s final slot to see what it would take to unlock it. To my surprise it was 666 expanders…

These expanders are 5 diamonds or basically $.50 each. Does anyone really think the backpack slots are worth over $300 a section? This seems to be rather bizarre. You’d think one expander would unlock one slot. Obviously this is not the case. Is this actually intended?

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starting in the second backpack the first extra slot costs 2 expanders, each additional slot costs 1 more then the previous slot. slots must be unlocked top to bottom, left to right.
the third backpack’s first slot costs 20 and each additional slot costs 2 more then the previous slot.
you do not need to unlock all of backpack 2 before unlocking backpack 3. so the cost of 666 expanders is for 18 new backpack slots ( all in pack 3) which is way more then anyone could want. I guess it’s an example of a true luxury for the rich to have just to say they spend $$$
also an example of a waste of game-code. I’d wager no-one ever buys any from pack 3. Myself i got 1 from pack 2 and rarely use it.