[Castlot] Sneak Peek at the New Arena Interior

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The Arena in Castlot has gone through an expensive redesign. Rumor has it that the new Arena is about to greet the public. Now jump on the tour bus to get a sneak peek at the new Arena interior! Stay with us and don’t get lost!

In the new Arena, Race Up (PVE) and Player VS Player (PVP) will be more distinct from each other. They will each have their own independent and remarkable entrance.

The former Arena equipment will be officially sold in the Arena Shop. Arena equipment can increase your Damage and Armor substantially while you fight against the NPCs in Race up. Click on the Arena Shop button and you can go shopping.

I. Race Up (PVE)

Different from the old interface, your main hero’s skill cards can be seen very clearly on the left of the new Race Up interface. Some of the information has been removed from this interface in order to make room for the useful information. These changes aim to make it more convenient to change hero skills or equipment.



II. Player VS Player (PVP)

You will be able to choose 3 heroes to challenge your opponent! You and your thunder buddies will be like Batman and Robin, or more precisely the Fantastic Four or even the Justice League! It depends on how you are going to train and equip your heroes.

New PVP Interface

You can change heroes by clicking the Change Hero(es) button.

Choose the heroes by dragging their icons to the proper slots on the left. Checking out the skills and attributes of the appointed heroes will become easier in the new interface.

More information will be released on the Castlot’s homepage and forum. Right now, what more can I say than STAY TUNED!

P.S. Please note that the screenshots above are test shots. The Arena interior may have been changed when the new Arena goes live.

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The new arena is all fine and dandy, but the inability to rewatch race up(pve) battles like before is really bothersome, specially in those keypoint fights that require a specific squire to be used. I know I speak for most of us when I say that if we could get that feature back, we would greatly appreciate it.