[Soul of Guardian (SOG)] SOG Maintenance Notice on November 15th

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Dear Players,

We will be implementing routine maintenance on November 15th, from 00:01 to 02:00 PST.

The NPC for Candy Exchange will disappear and the Candies sold at the Item Mall will be off shelves too. You will be unable to exchange anything with Candy afterwards.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fix for a bug on the wrong time of Guild Boss.
2. Fix for a bug on Equipment GS (Grade Score) after you socket Level 8-10 Gems.
3. Fix for a bug where the dungeon countdown timer goes missing once you refresh the browser.

Have fun in SOG – the latest, most-played RPG of 2012!

WSGame SOG Team

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I can’t seem to get in to game any more. IS anyone else having the same problem?

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nope and i just started this game