[Castlot] [Activity] Arena Double Scores Nov. 15 (S1~S3)

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Breaking news! 3V3 has taken the audience in Arena by storm! Challenges have become unprecedentedly exciting! Send your best heroes onstage to fight together with you! Enjoy the glory of victory and get double the score!


20:00 Nov 15 ~ 20:00 Nov 18 (S1, Server Time)
10:10 Nov 16 ~ 00:00 Nov 19 (S2, 23, Server Time)


All Server


During this event, challenge other players (PVP) in Arena and you will get TWICE the usual scores each time you win.


1. Enter Arena. Press the Enter button on the right to go to the Player VS Player (PVP) mode.

2. In the PVP panel, click on a crossed-swords icon to begin a challenge.

3. When you win, your score doubles.

Enjoy the fighting!

Castlot Team