[Vorp!] Some Realizations, We The Community, and New Users

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I’ve taken a bit of time off and have realized a few things. Also, it’s late, and i’ve been working hard, and needed a break and had to get this out of my head.

Some Scary Math

I was reading this thread on reddit today, one about independent game developers releasing games on Kongregate.

Based on the information shared in the above link (like the revenue from this game, and this game), and the amount of games played per day in Vorp (about 300/day), my estimation is that the devs are probably making about FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH on this game, not counting in-game purchases. I guess that, at most, the devs are making $500ish a month on virtual goods.

That was my realization #1. Holy crap! $500 is peanuts!

It makes me realize how tough a position the developers must be in. On one hand, they have a community that they care about, and an amazing game that they CLEARLY put a WHOLE bunch of effort into. No one here can say that the gameplay doesn’t work or looks bad. It’s top notch. It’s a beautiful game.

So they’ve put tons of effort into making it. But, on the other hand, they’re probably not making much money. They’re probably struggling to find a way to justify spending time fixing a system that simply needs more users.

We know that the devs have entered in a binding agreement for exclusivity with Kongregate. That means they need to work with Kongregate to figure out some way to make the users come play. While they work on that, new users keep coming to us (and leaving fast).

New Users

The developers aren’t the ones that welcome new users. We are. We the community are a new users’ first impression. If we want this game to live, we need to impress and cooperate with them, not berate, belittle or simply run away from them.

My Pledge

Until we get and keep a whole bunch of new users (so we’re doing at least 1000 matches a day), I am changing the way that I play vorp. Here’s what I’m doing from now on:

  • I will not care about ELO anymore. ELO is pointless, and is not an indicator of skill at this point in time in the game. I will stop looking at my ELO. I am not the best at Vorp. I will never be. No one will ever be. It’s time for me to stop obsessing about it.
  • I will never team with anyone over ELO 1300. I’ll be very happy when I join matches with people at those levels of ranking, but I will not group with them from now on. It simply makes matches too unfair.
  • I will make it a personal mission to help new users get to ELO 1250 and above, by grouping with them, helping them and answering their questions.
  • I will not kill feeders over and over again. It hurts all teams. If it’s obvious that there is a feeder, I will leave it alone and go about my game business.
  • If I have a feeder in my team, I will encourage them. I’m going to die anyways, so I may as well accompany them and try and give them respectful tips.
  • Some feeders don’t talk. I will have to be OK with that. It might be a language barrier, or they might just think I’m creepy. (Honestly, I’m not! I swear!)
  • I will lose many games because of unfair or unbalanced teams. If I’m on the bad side of an unbalanced match, I will not get mad, because I expect that this will happen most games. If I’m on the good side of an unbalanced match, I will not rub it in the opponents face. I’ll do my best to apologize and make it swift.
  • All new players should check out the “Vorp Killing Structures” video. Not because I made it, but because I think it’s instructional. I will pass this along whenever possible.
  • All veteran players should help by posting tips for their ships. Like .. ALL of them. Someone should make a template of “Everything You Need to Know for Ship X” and solicit other good players to fill it. I’ll do what I can to try and find that person.
  • Links to help should be passed along to all newcomers. I will pass along this information whenever I can.
  • New players need to be welcomed, or we will not have a game to play anymore. I will do everything I can to do this.
  • Finally, at every chance I get, I will ask the developers how we, the community, can help them be successful with Vorp. Hey Devs, how can we help you?

Casual Game Dead Pool

This week, two big game studios died. Glu Mobile (think Ham on the Run, Contract Killers, Deer Hunter, etc) laid off a bunch of employees. And Glitch, one of the most beautiful in-browser MMOs (made by the same team that created the photo site Flickr) announced that it would shut its doors permanently December 9th.

I don’t want to see this happen to Vorp. I don’t think many of us want to either. If it’s too little, too late, I’d much rather go down trying to fight for this game than move on. The reason why is simple .. I like this game, and I kinda like you guys too :).

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RIP Vorp.

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Gahhh!!! As of 6:00am EST ( or earlier) the game is gone. Maybe a glitch or server issue, but maybe Spower beautifully written letter convinced them that the game wasn’t making much money, nor may ever.

Fingers Crossed, hopeing thats not the case.

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I’ve checked, it’s a Kongregate issue, it seems to affect W7 users. My friend who is using XP isn’t affected.

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spower, the idea would be nice. But it wont help.
A game that makes no fun cant make more fun in that way.
The game itself has to be fun again.
And for a Multiplayer Player vs Player game ( i dont use the words PvP because it can misslead ) there is not enough Player vs Player in it.
This game has to be for Players like me. Killing other Players. Having fun on killing. I like SciFi thats why i play Vorp! If i wouldnt hate Might and magic stuff i would play Dota.

For the last couple of weeks this is a Player vs computer game. I cant fight Enemy players because they do everything to get off from me. So i can play only against Turrets. But killing turrets makes no fun.
Other are going for turrets becasue they give more rewards.
And others again go for turrets because they like winning.

Maybe the DEV´s stop listening to all the PVE Players here when there are just 20 left in Lobby.

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I generally agree with you SPower, we are all far too harsh against new players when they are exactly what are needed if this game is to survive.

A lot of players simply abandon games before they even start looking to avoid partnering with new players. Some players even verbally abuse others in-game if they don’t play well. I don’t know many players that actually WELCOME new players in this game at all.

I will pledge:
To welcome new players
To not demonize poor players, and instead try to help them grow
I won’t abandon games just because I don’t think the team will win
Slow down on my ANT backdoor solo attacks and focus on more player vs player interaction
To not give up on the game

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Raa/lackofskills: the downtime had nothing to do with Vorp. It was a site-wide Kongregate issue.

@Kiech awesome. I’ll do the same. I’ll slow down on my ant backdoor as well and focus instead on trying for a fair and fun match. I’ll lose a lot more, but I don’t care, as long as newer and veteran plays stick around.

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Kiech, spower. I already traded my ant in for an Undu, gonna pvp much more. And let me say this right here, for everyone to see:

If the devs give me the text file of the game, I’ll start translating it to Spanish to maybe increase the flow of Spanish speakers into our beloved game. LONG LIVE VORP!

Also, I think a solution for this would be different game styles, a king of the hill, flag capture, even tag. The point is, some of us are good at structure killing, others at running, and others at PVP. Let’s vary it up :)
EDIT: What does peanuts mean?

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I am going to continue being pissed off at feeders who don’t talk. They will never be good if they can’t listen and learn.

However, I do try to give helpful advice to any level 1s I see who do talk.

And if it is a language barrier, they can still recognize their name. All they have to do is say ¿habla espanol? or whatever language they are using, and I can start using my meager spanish knowledge plus google, to say stay0 nearo los turretos, vaya el depot etc.

If you are never going to talk to anyone, then you aren’t going to be a worthwhile player, the end.

And by worthwhile, I don’t mean top of the leaderboards, or even on them. I mean not sitting in front of a rainmaker, wait till respawn, come back and sit in front of rainmaker.

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You’re Spanish is actually good enough for the depot thing, but you might wanna use “Stay cerca de las torretas” instead LOL.

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Sure I would look up los palabras before I actually tried to tell anyone anything.

In whatever language.

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Wow! What an excellent post!

Okay, I have an idea, which I hope you guys can contribute to to make sure we have more players coming. I think I will post a thread in the general gaming section about “Hey guys, why don’t you come play.” Now, in order to avoid ‘bumping’, I might ask some of you to occasionally post in the thread to keep it on the front page. If we do some ‘player-attracting’ in certain areas of the site, it will be possible to get more players playing, and hopefully to keep Vorp running.

Would you guys be with me on this?

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Here’s the thread btw: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/3-general-gaming/topics/310368-come-play-vorp-with-us

Leave a post occasionally to keep this up high in the General Gaming Forum. Hopefully Vorp will become as popular as it was when it was in the Hot New Games section.

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Great idea, TAO. +1 for you.

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BTW, I’m going to give up Ant backdooring, UNLESS i know i’m playing against a bunch of veterans. Obviously, I’ll have to use my best judgement, but I pledge to keep things as PVP as possible.

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I’ve always played this way.

I don’t complain about my players in-game (unless/until they start complaining about others).

I don’t complain about them in the general chat (again, unless they start complaining)

When someone is called a “feeder” my response has been (I’ve posted this) “We were all noobs once”

Getting on a “crappy” team is the challenge. you’re just playing this game on “Hard/Nightmare”. Izok.

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I know for a fact that the unity web player is very resource intensive for most gamers in China and Japan. If they can run the unity web player, they are most likely playing Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, or Call of Duty.

A must in this “casual gaming” genre is to significantly lower the graphics requirements to have an increase in available gaming population. The current standard in China is about 1.8 GHZ and 1-2 GB RAM (though those who can afford powerful PCs usually play those games anyways). The current standard in Japan is about 2.7 GHZ and 4 GB RAM (though typically a lot of resources are being eaten by a bunch of other programs and whatnot NSFW, and there are plenty of other alternatives with moe and whatnot).

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though the devs have been working on lowering resource requirements. When the game began I keep getting huge memory leaks when the game last longer than 12-15 mins, and the pre-loading was much, much longer.

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When I played my 2nd match yesterday, the members of my team told me to leave the match because they would lose because of me. And none of them had already played with me, so no one knew if I was a feeder or not, they said this just because I was new.
If this game’s community is as stupid as my lasts teammates, no need to wonder why this game is dying.
Hopefully I see there are some people like spower who try to train new players.

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Originally posted by TAO_Arecibo:

Here’s the thread btw: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/3-general-gaming/topics/310368-come-play-vorp-with-us

Leave a post occasionally to keep this up high in the General Gaming Forum. Hopefully Vorp will become as popular as it was when it was in the Hot New Games section.

Getting “potential Players” here at this moment will be insane fail. For shure they will leave again. The game has to be balanced again and it needs real PvP again. Or it will never grow up