[RichState] Optimization & Adjustment after the Maintenance on Nov. 14

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1. Desert Exploration Rewards
The following items will be deleted: Halloween Mask Card, Champagne, Guard Wing, Bright Wing, and Advanced Star Stone.
New items added as rewards: Senior Energon Essence, Convoy Essence, Quality Token, Driver Growth Card, and Senior Talent Reinforcer.

2. Hurricane Race
The Hurricane Race will begin as long as there are 20 drivers participating in the race.

3. The power for holding a position in Achievement Hall
Once holding a position in the Achievement Hall, you have 1 chance to distribute rewards to all the servers or single server every week.
a. The Master can send rewards to all the servers or to a single server. Drivers of other positions can only send rewards to his/her own single server.
b. The right to send rewards will be available since the refreshment on Monday 00:00. And other players can collect their rewards since the moment rewards has been sent until the reset on next Monday 00:00:00.

Richstate Team reserves all rights to explain or alter this event.

Richstate Team
November 15, 2012