[Senatry] kongregate site is not opening

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hi kongregate site is not oipening since yesterday pls help me all other facing the same problem?

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Originally posted by jimgreer:

Last night our DNS provider failed. We have fixed the root problem, and will be switching to a more reliable provider.

Because DNS is cached, you may still experience problems connecting to Kongregate, depending on what your DNS server is.

Google operates a free public DNS server, and it has correct entries for Kongregate. If you want to switch to using it, here’s how to do it:


Hi Peyush thanks for the post Im sorry you cant get on. There is a problem on the Kongregate side. If you try this you may be able to get on
Here is also another link to get an open DNS thats very helpful http://www.kongregate.com/forums/7-technical-support/topics/310337-having-kong-connection-issues-open-dns

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Also once you have done the open DNS some have still had to clear their flash to get rid of the black screen. Please feel free to read and try this thread. Very sorry for the issues.

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Do we get compensation? cards running out and what not

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I will figure something to send.