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First turn is a huge advantage in PvP; it pretty much takes the gameplay out of the game. I’ve heard it said that “whoever gets the first turn also gets the last turn.”

If the game ends in 1 turn, then one player got 100% of the turns.
2 turns = 50%
3 turns = 66%
4 turns = 50%
5 turns = 60%

I propose a solution: have a minigame to determine who gets the first turn.
This way, first turn will become less luck based, and the outcome of the entire battle will also become less luck based by extension.

The minigame is simple. Give both players the same board, and see who can match the most tiles with one swap. On this board, no new tiles fall to replace the old ones, so you can’t rely on chance. Move assist is turned off; no suggestions.

If both players match the same number of tiles, give them a new board. The game goes on until one player matches more tiles. The winner gets first turn. :)

My intent is to minimize the impact of dumb luck and also to make matching relevant to the game again (currently matching is nearly pointless; we can KO using just skills), but at the end of the day this is just a suggestion.

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This actually seems like a pretty good idea. Hopefully the developers can get a look at this idea.

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This suggestion is quite a step in the right direction, but in turn would lead to little third party programs selecting the best possible, resulting in those users always getting the first turn – It’s too easy to cheat with it.

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I really love this game, it’s very addictive and I gave 5 stars, however the first move advantage was huge turn down, and you have to kill your opponent in one hit before he/she killed you which might become a really boring game when you play like that for a while.

I’m not sure how to solve this one hit boring game style, but I might have few suggestions about solving the first turn advantage problem in arena, the first mover has to be compromised, for examples:

- cult spells would be disable on first turn
- or 3 of cult spells would be randomly disable on first turn
- or first mover can only receive 50% of mana from mana pots on first turn
- or something like that

This way the second mover might have the chance to be survived from first mover’s initial blast.

I’ll delete this post if you dislike it….

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I share the same sentiment – whoever goes first almost always wins in the first turn or two (unless i get paired with an AI, then I take my time to conserve energy & potions). Perhaps increasing player health stats or decreasing damage stats can help. That way, it takes many more turns to finish someone off, allowing for strategic use of potions and tile swapping.

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Come on, you want long fights? Go for the Maatezuu, or whatever his name is.
PVP is all statistical. You get first move around half of the fights. It’s absolutely fair. Build up you character to get better chanses on surviving first turn mega-attack.

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Definitely not a boring long fight but not a mechanical dull win decided by who gets first turn when against equally strong players neither, I meant you might want to involve few tactical decisions when the fight goes beyond first turn rather than totally depends on the statistic.