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Good day, i decided to write a little arena guide. In this guide i am going to discuss (1) hero stat appointment, (2) arena equip, (3) arena cards and (4) arena formations.
1. Hero stats appointment
In general we have 4 stats:
- stamina (1 Sta gives you 5 health and 10 armor);
- intellect (1 Int gives your Castellan 1/4 (0,25%) boost to resource production and slight boost to building construction speed);
- strength (1 Str gives you 10 minimum damage increase and 10 maximum damage increase);
- agility (1 Agi gives you 1 speed and 0,1% crit chance).
Normally best stat appointment for your main hero will be 1 Sta, 2 Str, 1 Agi (no Int at all, even no books). For the beginners better choice will be to go into 2 Sta, 2 Str and in the middle levels (lvl50+) switch into 2 Str + 2 Agi. Let me explain why.
Sta gives you huge health and armor boost in the begging and reduced benefit in the middle-end arena, because your dragon starts to bring you more health and armor than Sta.
Str is king stat. The more damage you deal the better. In late babel tower you will need really enormous damage to survive and kill enemies.
Agi crit chance is too low in the beginning to rely on, but later you will need to have at least 75% crit chance to fight in babel tower.
Int is Castellan stat only, do not give any Int to your main hero, even no books. You should wisely pick 3 heroes as castellans and give them best Int gear you may find. My best castellan has 685 int, so this hero provides 685 * 025% = 171% increase in production and great boost in construction speed.
So, basic idea is to make your main hero killing machine, with enormous damage and decent armor (Str as a main stat supported with Str gear and enchants). Giving him enormous armor and decent damage (Sta oriented hero) will bring huge troubles in high-level babel tower (lvl 100, 110, 120), as you will not be able to kill enemies fast, so you will need to go into long fights, and in long fights 3 heroes with decent cards kill 1 hero with top cards.

2. Arena equip
I am going to talk only about babel tower hell difficulty, as nightmare and normal are really-really easy, and can be done with 2 your best heroes without any additional tactics. In hell difficulty you will face 3 opponents with your main hero. I think key to victory is to kill 1st hero as soon as possible (1-2 strikes at max), then to survive and kill the rest. So we need damage oriented equip and damage oriented cards.
I suggest to use your enchant gems for high damage and high armor equip first. So enchant main weapon, then subweapon, then mount, then chest and helm. Rest equip benefits from enchantment are low, so we may not enchant them at all.

You should enchant every piece of armor to (3). If you found REALLY good item you may go to (5) enchant. Further enhances should be done only with lvl100 items, as you will waste your gems in mid game and face troubles in high-level arena and babel tower.
Every equipment has random stat bonuses. Green items have 1 random stat bonus, blue items have 2 stat bonuses, purple 3 and orange 4. Also, lvl100 green item is equal in its armor and damage to lvl90 blue item, lvl 80 purple and lvl 70 orange. So choose wisely and don’t use greens in mid game. I recommend searching for special equipment bonuses:
Damage +X (adds +X to your minimum and maximum damage)
Strength +X (adds +10X to your minimum and maximum damage)
Minimum damage +X (adds +X to your minimum damage)
Maximum damage +X (adds +X to your maximum damage)
These stats are major. Best items may have 3/4 of those stats or even 4/4. Other stats you may use are stamina and agility. Do not use +intellect, +armor, +speed and +hp stats as they are almost useless to your main hero and may be replaced. For example, shall we use +50 min damage, +50 max damage, +50hp and +100 armor item? No, because it is only +10stamina and +5 strength item. You may equip it but should not enchant as soon you will find something better.

3. Arena cards
Main hero best cards are: Armor crusher (reduce armor by%), Rage (increase damage by%), Serial strike/suicide attack/bloodlust (do some damage or heal yourself). Blue and purple cards have their buffs 2 rounds, oranges have them 3 rounds, so basically orange buff never fades off. That’s why always search for orange arena buffs/debuffs. Best single damage card is armor crusher, it improves your damage greatly and at lvl10 orange remover 60% of your opponents armor. I prefer using Armor crusher + rage combo, because some enemies may use magic shield (%armor) or force blockade (-%damage for enemy) to reduce incoming damage and survive longer. Serial strike and suicide attack are great finishing moves, rare enemy may survive after using crusherrage+suicide combo. However, in babel tower I use bloodlust to get some additional healing.
Intellect heroes (castellans) are best used as healers. Their cards are: Sorcery (a %chance to stun anyone in enemy team), druid blessing (single heal, used on yourself or any other team member with lowest health), holy blessing (mass heal, heals every team member by a certain amount), hypnotism (a %chance to stun opposing hero), force blockade (-%damage for enemy)
Holy blessing formula is: (Int+hero level)(card quality + card level) /10 = heal every team member may receive. Card quality numbers are 7,5 for blue, 10 for purple and 12,5 for orange. For example, we have lvl100 hero with 685 int using lvl3 blue holy blessing. He may heal:
(7,5 (blue card quality number) + 3 (card level))/10 =785*10,5/10=903
Another example, lvl100 hero with 594 int using lvl5 purple holy blessing:
Druid blessing formula is: (Int+hero level)
(card quality + card level) /5. It is simply twice better than holy blessing. Also, you may notice that having high int and level is important even more than having high quality card.
Healers are really useful, they may stand under pressure and heal themselves while your main hero deal damage, or they may heal your main hero instead. I highly recommend use 1 or even 2 healers in arena team.
Other useful cards are Battle rage (+%damage to the whole team) and corrosive light (-%armor to enemy team). I don’t like +%armor to my team and –%damage to enemy team, slightly reducing enemy damage will not bring any real profit as my healer may go into overhealing. On the other hand, damage can never be enough))

4. Arena formations
In 3-3 arena we may have 2 basic arena formations:
1) Main hero (DamageDealer=DD), Sta hero (Tank buff/debuff), Int hero (Stun + Heal).
2) Main hero (DD), Int hero (Buff/debuff + Heal), Int hero (Stun + Heal)
Every formation has its pros and cons. Let’s discuss them.
1st formation is the best option when you challenge somebody in arena: Main hero should be placed against enemy healer, Tanking hero against enemy main hero, our healer against weakest enemy hero. As a result our main hero will kill their healer fast, and our tank will survive under their main hero pressure with a help of our healer.
Main hero cards are: armor crusher + rage
serial strike/suicide attack. These cards are best option to do enormous damage in short period of time. Tank cards are: force blockade/magic shield + battle roar/corrosive light + bloodlust/recovery. These cards give us better survivability, help our main hero with buffs/debuffs and provide some healing, so our healer may heal himself or main hero instead of tank, also 3rd card helps to survive if our healer was killed. Healer cards are: Sorcery + druid blessing + Holy blessing. Sorcery provides some lucky stuns, druid blessing heals any our hero with lowest health, holy blessing provides some general healing.
2nd formation may help to counter 1st formation when you are challenged: Main hero should be placed in the middle, healers at his sides. Main hero cards are: armor crusher + rage + suicide attack. Enormous damage in short period of time. 1st healer cards are sorcery + druid healing + holy blessing. Sorcery provides some lucky stuns, druid blessing heals any our hero with lowest health, holy blessing provides some general healing. 2nd healer cards are force blockade + druid blessing + holy blessing. This cards will help to survive under enemy pressure and provide some healing.

Thanks for reading, hope to meet you soon in arena!

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p.s. i would like to add some screenshots and tweak formatting, as it this post formatting went a bit incorrect