[Clash of the Dragons] Daily Reward reset to Zero today

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daily rewards reset to zero today, should have got the pack and then the Kasan Idol tomorrow. What happened?

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same happened to me I think. in game name baldshield

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Try this again. My daily rewards got reset to zero on Sunday when I should have gotten my Mystery Pack and then it didn’t give me my Kasan Idol on Monday due to this. Would be nice if I could get those 2 as this was through not fault of my own. IGN: kong_DistortedOne

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This is usually caused by not reloading/logging into the game during each 24 hour period that it checks. This post by a helpful player details how you can play every day and still have the reward legitimately reset on you ^^

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I know that it is typically my fault when this happens to me, but I logged in this morning before work and I was awarded my daily reward. Tonight, after the roll-over, I am showing as being on reward day 0.

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I think this may have happened to me as well. I logged in expecting my day7 reward – as I have not missed a day this week. Once I got logged in my daily reward read 0, and there was no reward popup.

However after reading DaCowTipa’s helpful post – I have learned that:
“Day 0 and Day 7 can be the same thing.” 0.o

On my first attempt to load the game it hung and would not load, after I refreshed it came up.
So, possibly the reward was presented and my day flipped from 7 to 0, during the fouled login attempt? There is no way for me to know, as there is no loot log. ;)

I understand that the trigger for the daily rewards is a login action.
However what I do not understand is why is that the ONLY trigger?
It is not uncommon to put your computer to sleep – and there are rare occasions where in a 24hr period flash doesn’t degrade the game play to the point where you hope a refresh will “fix it”.

If a player does anything at all there is a time verifiable record of it.
Why tie it to something that is fallible, when there is verifiable data out there?

You could add a button to the listing of the daily rewards, that upon click would check if the player… * edited and saved a deck

  • received duel points
  • participated in a draft
  • purchased a pack of cards
  • gained a card, xp, a level, a craft mat, DC
  • posted a message to their clan
  • already received their daily reward(!)
    …during the previous 24hr period. If the player did any of those things it would say: Holly cow you didn’t refresh in 24hrs! Here is your daily reward, go outside please. :)

You could add one more button to that same screen that would display a recent history of loot items. Which would put to bed one hole segment of erroneous issue reports.

Both of these could be constructed to be very targeted quick queries, they would also be tucked away where people would rarely run them.

Tying daily rewards exclusively to daily logins, instead of daily play — defies logic.
Please carry forward our concerns.

Thank you for your time,

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I’ve played every day for 4 days straight (AND reloading the page because you can’t use your skill points if you don’t) and I haven’t gotten a single reward. Everyone is right, this game is a pile of crap

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I’ve played the game for several months straight and gotten every reward. Please, try play for more than 4 days before deciding the game is crap.