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hey all, this is a Thread for new guys to look at and find tips on to how to play, What is the best unit for what skills… What the best formation is, and what you should buy when you possess a decent amount of cash.

Those kind of tips. Anyone want to Prove their Epicness?

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I think every team should have at least 1 sniper, but im a n00b. However, I found that having a extremely high evasion runner is the best. All my points are on evasion and occasionally dmg or dmg versus enemy. BTW. my EPICNESS does not need to be proven, just the mere existence of me should down on your knees. BEHOLD the EPIC ME!

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heres a few of my Tips, and they are all probably used by everyone but… for the n00bs…

1. Use the strategy tab CONSTANTLY.
your first attack should allow you to determine the formation of your enemy, If you survive, Reorganize your fire-team to counter their defending soldiers
Snipers: Good against Gunners and Runners
Gunners:Good against Pushers and Runners
Demos:Good against Snipers and Gunners
Runners: Good against Pushers and Demos
Pushers: Good against Snipers and Demos
- Probably know all of this, but a Reminder.

2. Do Training!
If you have Unlocked the training tab, then Do training when ever it becomes available, usually every 14 minutes.(Maybe more?)
Inside training you are going to Experience SOUND and a shooting gallery, so technically you are Training your Shooting skills for yourself.
ALWAYS, go for the ORBS. Dosen’t matter what color it is, Shoot it. Otherwise, no rewards. If you shoot all the orbs, then you can get around 5500-6900 Cash/ and 500-1500 exp./ or 1-3 gold
ALWAYS, go for headshots. Shooting everything in the head (Minus civies) will cost one bullet. Every criminal varies in health…
Black cloaked skinny dudes: One shot anywhere to die.
Silver Soldiers with rifles: 2 shots
Fat dudes with twin cannons: 3 shots
All dudes: One shot to the head always.

DON’T panic- You will NEVER die in training if you Actually Shoot the Freaks, If you don’t shoot them, then what the Heck? You are a failure at life, and a Failure as a soldier.
So don’t worry about the Massive amounts of blood splatter on the screen, Stay calm, take aim, and Shoot heads and Orbs.

3. Participate in wars
Honestly, you probably should Participate, Winning wars get you A daily cash income, if you win, the more you fight, the greater the loot. Though the amount varies in your placement
Im guessing if you are in the top 3 of your team and win, you get a reward…If not, then pfft. Nothing. Thats my theory anyway..

If you feel that the combat your Team will play out favourably due to some conditions, then hit that end button right after hitting the attack button.
But You should really let the combat run on the lowest speed.
Its more entertaining, if you are a war freak and watch combat alot, then watch.
Real reason: Your soldiers HEAL during combat (Odd right?) So if you take your time in combat, your soldiers heal faster, so you don’t have to wait idly while waiting for your soldiers to heal, And at the same time, you have something to watch as well as not spending as much on insta heals.

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The best possible formations are unknown to me, but I have a few ideas of how NOT to be the worst defender possible.

1. Don’t group units together in a way that a Single Unit can easily destroy them both.
Funny tip, But you won’t believe how hard it is to remember to put your troops in this way.
The idea is to Make sure that your units are Completely off a specific units “Special enemy” list and Counter it with your units. (confused?)

Don’t Group a Pusher right behind a Runner, and vice versa. A Gunner can easily take both of them.
Demos should not be placed behind a pusher, Runners dominate
Snipers should NOT be behind a Gunner, Demos Obliterate
Snipers shouldn’t be Place with Demos, Pushers Bash
Runners Shouldn’t be placed with Gunners, Snipers headshot.

Instead, mix it up.
If a Demo is Placed up against your Gunner or Sniper, Put a runner or Pusher behind it.
If Gunners are used at your Pushers and runners, Use a sniper or Demo behind it.
Snipers Vs Runners and gunners?, Use demos or Pushers behind.
Runners Knifing Demos and pushers?, Use Gunners or Snipers behind.
Pushers ramming your Snipers and Demos?, Put Runners and Gunners behind.

2. Don’t put units of the Same type Behind or next to each other
Once they get lucky the first time, Its Open season on your Troops.
Runner in front of two pushers or Demos

More later.

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Really good and resourceful thread, thumbs up!

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Here’s another tip,

Buy everything
For your First soldiers to Buy…Buy every soldier available first. Meaning buy the sniper, gunner, runner, pusher, and Demo.

Don’t Decide on “Oh look at this, Im so pro with a single demo, so Ill decide on buying 3 Demos, So i can do Triple the Awesome Power!”
That thinking is Both biased, and Retarded.
Sure, it looks cool, handling 3 huge, tier 3, rocket launchers, But when Push comes to pushers, and Running is done by runners… you have three times the Fail, and 6 times the reward loss.

what I mean is, Don’t Buy more than one soldier class UNTIL you have all 5. Then you can mix and Match when it comes to strategy reformations.
Having 3 demos is Cool, but it also puts you at three times the Danger of being Destroyed by a lone runner or a single pusher, ESPECIALLY, if his gear and Level is quite good.

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Ok, Now…This one is a theory, It hasn’t been tested for me, But it might work for you…
(NOTE This tactic does work. I was fighting a player when he had a single runner on the field, After the fight i decide to attack again, and all of a sudden I find he has his entire fireteam on the field. Almost screwed me over and killed all but one of my soldiers. So, hehe, Use this tactic well, As it can screw over players.

Ambush tactic
Whenever you are suddenly being attacked by a Larger opponent, The opponent will feel comfortable in attacking you because he will not change his formation when attacking.
Once he identifies your Defending formation, he will adjust his plan of attack and Then (Possibly) win the next 4/9 times. But don’t think that Oh Gawd, thats it its over, theres NO way i can win…
Technically yes, that’s true if the opponent is Extremely high powered and dosen’t matter how his fireteam is…But…

You can fight back against this attacker, Simply by Quickly switching your Team members around after he places his first victory against you. This might not work because of either, Equipment, level, or simply because you readjusted your team the wrong way.. However its much better than taking it right in the butt.

heres what you do, If you are suddenly dying, Then switch your troops with each other…
Put your Snipers and Gunners In place of where your Runners or Pushers are And then move your Demo in place of where your gunner or sniper is.
This means that when your Opponent readjusts to be the best possible in damage with the LEAST amount of damage taken, This put YOU in the advantage because when He adjusts to attack your sniper with a pusher or Demo… Then the Demo/pusher is Greeted with a runner, or pusher as well.

If you start dying Again, Or are STILL dying, then repeat again, Or move everything around again.

This might NOT work if you have more than one type of Class on the field, you might be able to deal some damage than the opponent likes, but if the opponent has the unit that Dominates the troops that you have more than one of.. You are pretty much screwed.

Of course As I said, this might not work due to Equipment or level weakness, But hey, its a good chance that the guy will Walk into your Ambush.

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Here’s a tip from me, it’s worked very well (only for n00bs[because only us n00bs lose wars rite? =D ]). When you’re about to lose a war, spend all your money until you have less than 20000. and then store it in your safe. You won’t lose any money then. Your safe is next to the one that tells you how much cash you have, its a little box

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^ You can increase that amount from 20K to 50K with 50 gold. The amount isn’t that much thanks to medals.
Correction Everytime you upgrade the safe, it ADDS 50K to your current storage, so next is 70K max, then 120K max and so on.

Also just to let you know, You can’t attack anyone when your troops are at 50%, However that’s slightly wrong.
What it means is “50%” of the whole fireteam, that healing bar at the top? it won’t let you attack if you are higher than 6:30 in healing time, meaning if the time is 8:30 or 14 mins in healing time, you need to wait or spend cash on instaheals.

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Oh, and always kill all the low lvl n00bs at wars, then at tourneys then higher lvl players. Why? Your rank increases when you win, meaning that if your rank is too high, you cant kill lower players. So let yourself die a bit.

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Two tips i have found

1. If you have two quite high lvl troops, you don’t have to waste time on healing, keep swapping them from platoon, first use your two high lvl troops until they can’t be used, then use your other three troops, then wait only a tiny while and use your high lvl troops, but it only works for low lvl enemies.

2. Contrary to popular belief, the fastest way to gain money is NOT training, it’s spam killing lower lvls. Use training for xp and consider money a side effect. BTW, i don’t know how that’s a tip, but whatevs