[Odin Quest] Stay Online for Various Precious Stones

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Event Duration:
Before: 0:00 Nov 20 – 23:59 Nov 26, 2012 PST
Now: 0:00 Nov 2023:59 Nov 28, 2012 PST

HappyThanksgiving Day!

Stayonline to get obtain various rewards on Odin Quest! And the longer you stayonline, the more and better rewards you will obtain! The online time can beaccumulated every day. Hurry up to obtain these precious rewards now!


1. Players will obtain 1 score bystaying online for 5 minutes and exchange with certain scores for rewards fromNPC-Online Exchange-Cecky in Medgate.

2. The online time can be accumulated.

3. Players can check your scores by chatwith Cecky.

4. Please be reminded to exchange forthe rewards in 2 days after the event.


Odin Quest Team

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From when to when is this AFK build up counted(Date+server time please)? That way i can sketch out a planning (: Also, will the insides of the pack be bound or unbound?

EDIT: After checking Cecky while being online for quite a while, my score still is 0, anyone else experiencing this?

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Mine is also at zero. Online all day yesterday, the night, today aswell. :\

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Still not getting any progress on this.

Edit: FINALLY getting some credit. Now what about the 2 days I lost out on due to your bug?

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when I buy one, will I lose the online credit?

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Could we get a bit less of an abstract time of the next maintenance? Most people think it’s in 2 days time, but that way some us can’t get the 2 last packs :( (I’ll be about 50 points short for pack 7)

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Because of bug, event will be 2 days longer till 28.11

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sir, after the NOV 27 MAINTENANCE, the current online event credits, has stopped from earning points even when im ONLINE, AND I MUST HAVE EARNED MANY POINTS, what can you do about this, i must have the pack the i wanted now, but it is stopped.. what can you do about the time we spent but no points? zzzz

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So we’re not getting online credits anymore? What kind of scam is this?

It’s one thing if everyone was affected by the bug, but only some people were, so some people got the good packs and some of us can’t since youjoy never actually test their updates.

What a great maintenance. We get a repeat of a terrible event, and get screwed on the online event yet AGAIN.

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Same i have not got one more point since maint

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same for me. since your last maintenance my timer does not work anymore aswell. this sucks.