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Just a quick run down of some pretty fundamental stuff for players, new and not so new. Now, when you’re an absolute beginner, you probably won’t have to worry about mages until you upgrade your citadel to level 3. By the time you hit that level, you should be aware that people are going to be attacking your hometown and often. If that’s not the case, well lucky for you, but don’t get too relaxed. Some people make the mistake of focusing on lvling up their citadel before anything else. You don’t want this, because you’d only end up showing up on other people’s battle lists who you are not ready to attack or defend against. With that said, the most important thing to upgrade is probably going to be your hero, but we’ll go through that later. For now, a few basic concepts.

1. Mage proofing – I’ve seen people with their buildings bunched up so tightly together that it takes absolutely no time at all to rip through them with a handful of mages. A simple counter to this is to place each and every building one or two spaces apart (two is optimal, but only for towers lvl 6+). If you take the time to arrange your town in such a way, it’ll be a lot less vulnerable to mages. If you simply don’t care, fair enough, it is just a game, and if that’s the case, then this is as good a point as any other to stop reading (if you haven’t done so already). Onwards.

2. Basic layout – Citadel in the centre, towers around the citadel, everything else around the towers and citadel. You’d think it wouldn’t have to be said, but I’ve seen folks who surround their silos with towers but completely neglect their citadels. Which leads to…

3. Losses – Now, we all know that destroying the citadel means that you win the battle, but what if you lose your own citadel? Well asides from being put into protection, you’d also lose 10% of your resources. For silos, it’s 5% each. That would probably get you thinking, ‘Okay, so I’d want to protect silos more, right?’ NO. Neglecting the citadel is basically just leaving 10% of your resources up for grabs, whilst the silos can be destroyed at an attacker’s leisure afterwards. Simple solution? Space out your silos, one on each side of the citadel perhaps. There, done. You’d probably still lose one during an attack, but at least the citadel and other silos would be harder to get to. If resources are important to you, keep this in mind.

4. Upgrade choices – For me, it’s hero first, then army, towers, resources and finally the citadel. That’s my own basic order of priorities at least, it could be different for most other people. Anyways, heroes and army units are of paramount importance since you’ll be relying on them to farm other players or the ever reliable ai town (always top on the battle list). This is probably the only good way of getting resources, because resource buildings just take too damn long for so little. Build or upgrade whatever you like, as long as you remember to put your hero and army first, and more importantly…

5. Your hero – Let’s not beat around the bush, you’re probably going to be relying on Alaric for a good while before mainlining a different hero. In that case, the most important thing to upgrade right off the bat is health, first and foremost. Everything else is secondary. This is especially useful for…

6. Hero rushing – Quite a popular tactic for conquest these days. It’s basically just using your hero (and only your hero) to take down an enemy citadel hard and fast. If your hero’s skills and such aren’t at least above lvl 6 though, I don’t recommend that you try to use this tactic. The durability of your hero would be the main determinant for your chances of success, and you’d also have to be dishing out enough damage to do the job. Forge items would be really helpful here, but that goes without saying.

And I think that covers the bare basics, if not everything. I’ll be honest, I’m probably not the best person to talk about this stuff. Although I’ve been playing for quite a while, I still know next to nothing when it comes to hard stats (which can all be viewed in Alex’s Guide) and the nitty gritty of the game mechanics, like how honour works and stuff like that. I’ve never really paid much attention to these things, but I can say that I know how to play the game. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll answer if I can, and I’m sure other players will if I can’t. If you think I’ve missed anything important here, also feel free to point that out.

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And I can’t edit my own post, which is just excellent… I hope this doesn’t all get too messy.


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1. Mageproofing isn’t really a valid approach until around citadel 4-6. I’m currently sitting at citadel 5, and after I get the def buildings fully upgraded I think I’ll consider mageproofing my clumped def. The short reach of low level towers makes mageproofing counterproductive; if all the other buildings are out of reach of the towers, opponents just waltz through with swordsmen.

Other than that, good points.

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1. In all honesty, there are two factors to a successful Mageproofed Base.
One of which relys on spacing out your buildings Enough, Chazza mentioned that already so no need to repeat.
the other is Building levels, YES. the Tower level is Important, but if the res buildings arn’t a high enough level to separate and delay the mages then a mage army can easily rip through a mage proofed base and start spitting fireballs at the citadel, and all the towers next to it.

The point of Mageproofing bases is to split up the mage armies and Delay them by giving them worthless res buildings to destroy while high ranged towers pick them off at a distance, If the buildings are Weak, then the mages will soon arrive at your towers without enough damage being inflicted.

4. For me, I concentrate on my army first before dealing with my hero, Chazza’s way is just as effective and important, but if you are a heavy conquest player who defends all the time from rival guilds, then the hero approach might be better off. If you are a heavy raider who spends most of his time Stealing to provide for himself, like me, then the Armies might be your choice.
But, as chazza said, Armies and heroes first, its not a bad idea to have some Very badass towers and buildings, but there will ALWAYS be that person with the army to steal everything from you, and he/she Won’t even give a damn, or Lose anything, and you won’t have the Firepower to go back and do the same Punishment that they inflicted on you. Basically… They are hiding behind their towers while giving you a Troll face and the middle finger.
5. Honestly, if attacking and Defending, then yes, your hero is important.
6. Probably only good for conquest, You don’t get anywhere from hero rushing Home bases, because the amount you get Isn’t as much as you would Burning down the whole base. Unless you have Keris, then you can Cit rush and Steal silos. Just keep and eye on your Shadowwalk, or you will be surprised by a very nasty arrow.

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What Army said.

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Grammar Nazi Guide Freak approves! (The Guide Freak Part of me)

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you should also give more specifics with defences. here are some which i arrived after bitter experiences for 4 months,

1> arrange web towers(best tankers and slows them down) and mage(provides massive damage to all unarmoured units) towers on corners and bunkers in middle,they weaken the army to some extent and stops them for a while and your archer towers can keep shooting them from far away.(lvl 8 archer towers has 13 range which can cover half your base so arrange them in a way that they give cover rest of your towers when they are hammered)

2>before upgrading any towers first upgrade the archer towers to max,you can never hope for more reliable tower with low construction time and high range and serves multi purposes both for hero rushing or ranged or melee units.

3>next upgrade bunkers they are good tankers plus they are best towers for wiping off low hp units like mages,swordsmen and rangers.

4>and complete mageproofing is suicide,your opponent will immediately deploy rangers and they can make short work of your spaced out and unprotected towers.so make it partially mage proof,arrange the archer towers in line on both sides of cit(2 on each),arrange one archer on back of citadel,they provide maximum damage to incoming units and they all will fire at single unit till it dies.

5>arrange 3 bunkers and 1 mage tower and 1 web tower on front of line of archer towers and space it out to make it mage proof(add silos in between the bunkers and archers so hero rushing for cit and silos will be tough as both archers and bunkers will attack) and make sure your arrangement lies within the archer’s range.and arrange 2 bunkers and 2 mage towers and 2 web towers on back,your back solo archer tower will cover the mages and webs and rest of your archer towers will provide cover all the bunkers in your base and arrange the rest of building in lines surrounding the whole arrangement of towers like a square with 4 sides.voila you get a base which is partially mage proof and partially ranger proof and totally melee unit proof.

this is the arrangement i use with lvl 8 towers(archers and bunkers) and lvl 4 (mage and web) and i find it extremely effective,no one can raze it in one attack unless they have lvl 9 hero and lvl 9 units.

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and also there are many tricks you can do to confuse the opponent and gain advantage,

1>place one tower just behind the citadel towards the top side so the citadel completely cover the tower and the tower disappears(you should have citadel lvl 5 and above to do this),any opponent who attacks your base will find it real difficult to attack that tower because his hero will first attack the citadel and that tower can stay alive for much longer.

2>in case of solo hero attack,deploy hero at top right side just behind the citadel and attack the citadel(when your opponent is online and will defend),and make sure your hero while attacking,disappears behind the citadel completely(you have to do it many times to practice it so that you can position correctly),so the defending hero cannot attack you he will keep clicking the citadel and his hero wont move and auto attack works only when his hero is near your but beware if he uses stun his hero automatically attacks your hero and also if he has ranged hero it wont work.

3>if you want to farm honor you dont need to destroy the whole base(if you are seeking exp then you have to destroy the whole base for decent exp),just destroy the citadel and leave ,and also use multiple attacks when you know your army wont destroy the base ie your army hp becomes low,your tanker or hero dies(if towers are disabled and razed then continue the attack without quitting),also never use your army without a tanker(hero or some units with massive hp,no need for massive armour, just massive hp so it includes voguls also).and always deploy the troops at important places like just near weaker or solo towers or a gap where maximum number of buildings are vulnerable,if the towers are bunched you have to deploy your troops away from the range of towers so it gives time for your hero or tanker to reach the towers before your ranged ones and allows some time to stun the towers(does not include rivets),etc

4>you never know untill you try, don’t chicken out just because some stronger guy keeps crushing you. you might be surprised that how your low lvl army can make much difference if you use them correctly.

5>upgrade your encampment first before starting your other building upgrade,after all your encampment decides the outcome of the battle and also disheartens any opponent who sees your base and finds you have lvl 6 encampment(an example)

6>there are many more advantages but its up to you to test it out and find them effective.

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Start attacking players for honor and grinding AI (top list of rival page) as soon as possible. When you go for citadel lvl 7, everything requires skycores, which are 500 honor and before you know it, you won’t have much things to build until you get enough honor. It’s important to get war banners too, you might think that those days buildings for a extra attack isn’t worth it, but in reality, it saves you 20 minutes CD each time you log in, and most important, instead of having a 1 hour safety cushion when grinding, you’ll have a extra 20 min (lvl 1 war banner), 40 min (lvl 2 war banner), and so on.
For those who ask “what should be my 2nd hero,” need to think why you need one. The number one reason is to accumulate more CR and be applicable to join better guilds for that reason. Other than that, your prob not a high lvl if your getting a 2nd hero, so you prob won’t have a high HoH. With that being said, a 2nd hero won’t make a difference compared to Alaric when attacking UNLESS you got a lvl 9-10 HoH, then you can start taking advantage of other heroes. Isunda should be the last hero you get. All other heroes serve there own purposes, but those purposes won’t be fulfilled until a higher HoH lvl.
And last, get resource and defensive buildings all to lvl 6 asap, it makes your city less noobish. :)