[Fantasy Online] How Fantasy Online mods behave aka why you should not waste your time here (locked)

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I think you are only speaking in half truths and not revealing the whole story, there are 3 sides to every story, yours the mods and somewhere in between lies the truth. Odds are you did something to break the ToS, and you are not really telling us what it is you did. If I can refer you to this, http://www.fantasy-mmorpg.com/forums/general-discussion/734-read-before-playing-posting-legal-documents-forum-game-rules.html I’m assuming that you have not read this or all your troubles would be resolved. to quote a few rules on that post.
“* We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice. Any post may be removed, edited, moved or closed for any reason.

  • Posts arguing about policies are not allowed.
  • Posts discussing moderator actions are also not allowed.
  • Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way." What this all means is that this is not the US court system they do not have to provide evidence for anything. And as to all your accounts you have made since after your first account was banned, the reason those were banned is because it’s against the ToS to avoid a ban in the first place. You have brought this upon yourself and need to accept the fact and quit acting childish and man up. On a very small side note Nightshade is a woman, not a man.
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This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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thats sucks man and maybe what u said is right but i dont know much bout anything :D

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Before I continue, understand that I am not a Fantasy Online moderator.
I am, however, a Kongregate forum and chat mod.

See, threads like this are unnecessary for a handful of reasons:

  • The issue(s) between you and the moderator(s) should be kept between you and them.
    Why drag others into an argument or issue that doesn’t involve them?

  • The forums here on Kongregate are not a place to team up against anyone, whether they be another member, a moderator, or a MLP character.

  • Moderators (anywhere, really) should not have to feel ganged up on or harassed by public threads like this.

  • Reading the original post, it seems like you have posted this thread before. I’m not sure if it was unclear in the past, but threads like this are not alright here. They will get removed, and you could potentially be silenced for it.

So really, we all win in this situation if you take it up with the moderator or developer in private. Thank you for being understanding, and I am going to lock this thread now.