[Vorp!] Arrow Hawk Ship Design [Finished, calling Ryan to take a look :D]

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Arrow Hawk

Appearance: Black, and thin. I don’t have an image, but I’d like it to be black and a little bit like ant in appearance. Or a arrowhead, something like that. It has blades that go horizontally with the ship.

Role: Basically, Hawk is a scout. With his speed and large radar, he can slide in the enemies base, pinpoint all enemies and maybe ambush one of them, as he’s pretty good in 1 vs 1. It makes him an okay assassin, but mainly a scout. He has very poor abilities versus structures, but high stats.

Pilot: A ranger, possibly an elf. Just not a human. Maybe a AI, computer.

Q – Sonic Warp: Hawks’s main loadout and damage dealer, Hawk charges warps foward (distance about 150-250) in a instant, leaving a white trail (sorta like a sword slash in cartoons) Any ship that the trail passes through receives damage. The faster Hawk’s going, the more damage is going to be received. For standing perfectly still, no more than 10 damage, while with full afterburners at least 100. Basically, the Hawk charges through the ship dealing damage to it.

W – I’m Back!: A crucial loadout to Hawk, he’s pretty much helpless without it. It causes the ship to quickly turn by 180 degrees and up his speed by a amount depending on the level. It’s cooldown is low, 5 seconds and can be stockpiled (like Circe’s space warp) up to 5. As it levels up, it’s cooldown is shorter and the boost is bigger. After doing the turn, Hawk usually performs another Sonic Warp. Then another turn, then another Warp.

E – La Push: A loadout that speeds Hawk by a lot, similar to Undolorean’s speed up thingy. It lasts for 2 seconds, and while it’s active Hawk’s rotation speed is significantly lower, hardly 10% of the full. The speed boost is great, and is used as an escape or an opening attack combined with Sonic Warp. As it gets upgrades, you get bigger speed boost, smaller cooldown. The speed effect immediately stops when Hawk uses another loadout.

R – Eagle Sight: A passive loadout that enlarges Hawk’s radar, so his range of spotting enemies is bigger. This information will also appear on his teammate’s radars. At top level, a Hawk standing in the center of the map will be able to see enemies on 30% of the map. The loadout also buffs Hawk’s energy regeneration, with it being around 30% higher on lvl 3.

General Stats
Firepower: Medium
Speed: Very High (think ant)
Handling: High/Very High
Energy: Low/Medium
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Guys tell me whatcha think.
Btw, please suggest some good names for these stuff. Mine are terrible…

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Love the 180 degree turn, need it so much. And the idea of turning and then using Sonic Warp sounds great :D

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Finished. I won’t go in details I’m kinda lazy… xP

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Sounds nice as a concept.
The scouting skills is over powered though. Have a whole (good) team be able to that much of the minimap would just be too much.
Other options: Active skill doing the same.
Or: Dropping an invisible (solid to the enemy) sensor beacon. It can be destroyed easily. Get 3 max to start + 1 per level. They don’t have a time limit.

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Yes the scouting skill is OP lower the area of map seen to 25% of map, this is more than big enough to make a big difference. lower the energy regen to around 30%. This will make it more balanced and therefore better :D

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Yeah, I guess you’re right. Edited stuff. Please leave oppinions/suggestions!