[Castlot] [Activity] The Next Big Move: Sneak Peek at Relics War

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With the release of the Arena 3 Vs 3 feature, it’s hard not to be a little bit curious about what exactly is the next big thing that is coming out in Castlot. An insider tells that besides the great Faction Battle, another intriguing battle system – the Relics War has jumped on the late night bus and will soon arrive in Castlot.

Archeologists have recently discovered a group of relics that date back to the time of Ragnarok. These relics are ancient sites surrounded by the power of the doomed gods. Seize them and you will receive Prestige every minute. It’s said that the relics are of different sizes and some of them can give out more Prestige than the others.

You can form a trio with your own Epic heroes to seize a relic. Some mega relics, while the lingering power of the doomed gods is so strong in them, can only be seized by a team. You have to team up with other players to take these mega relics and share the Prestige growth. If you are not satisfied with your own seized relics, you can challenge other players and seize theirs fair and square.

For players who crave bigger challenges, the Relics War is not only a treat but also a way to gain more Prestige. They are like free freshly baked apple pies falling from the sky. Go catch them!

More information about the Relics War will be released soon. Stay curious and have fun playing Castlot!

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