[WarFlow] Version 4.0--Medal System & Fylgja System

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Medal System

1. The Medal System is to turn up in the Armory surface when your TC reaches Lv100.

2. Below the Medal System are two small tabs: Item and Exchange.

3. Item Sheet allows players to view items they’ve got, including Enhance Card, Starsoul Protection, Jewel, Magic Jewel, Blood Jewel, Divine Jewel, Sacred Jewel (Azure Dragon Jewel, Saint Rosefinch Jewel, White Tiger Jewel, and Saint Tortoise Jewel), Transformation Jewel, and all kinds of Glyphs, etc.

4. Exchange Function allows players to use Medals to exchange items. These items include Enhance Card, Starsoul Protection, Jewel, Magic Jewel, Blood Jewel, Divine Jewel, Azure Dragon Jewel, Saint Rosefinch Jewel, White Tiger Jewel, Saint Tortoise Jewel, Glyph, etc.

5. Ways to get Medal:
A. Arena Challenge: An active challenger and winner will have high odds to get 1 Medal.
B. Arena Daily Ranking Rewards: Medal is to be allocated to the players according to their level and ranking in Arena.

Fylgja System

1. Fylgja Pavilion is to be built up when your TC reaches Lv100. Click the Fylgja Pavilion to open the interface, and a stunning Fylgja is there for you. Fylgia can participate in your battle and help you by improving your whole team.

Note: If you never open up the Fylgia Pavilion, there will be no Fylgia for you.

2. Fylgia Training:
Your Fylgia can level up by training to gain Exp. The higher your Fylgia’s level, the more your team is improved.

3. There are two mode of Fylgia Training: Silver Training and Gold Training. Silver Training consumes Silver, and has chances to trigger Minor Critical Bounce which gives 10 times of Exp.; Gold Training consumes Gold, and has chances to trigger Mega Critical Bounce which fills up all the Exp. your Fylgia needs to the next level.

4. Fylgia Transformation:
After reaching 10 Star and filling up the Exp. bar, your Fylgia is available for transformation by using Transformation Jewel. The transformation shall never fail, and your Fylgia will have a new look and can be able to keep leveling up after the transformation. Currently, your Fylgia can be transformed at most 4 times.

Development of the Fylgia:

Transform to next level:

5. Transformation Jewel:
Transformation Jewel is a new item that can be used in Fylgia Transformation. Players can get Transformation Jewel from Black Market, Fortune Wheel, Digger and Medal exchange.

Adjustment on Arena

1. Winning challenge in Arena will by chance grant you a Medal. There will be a system prompt as below when you got one.

2. The rewards for Arena Daily Ranking now are massive Silver and Medal. And instead of sending the rewards via mail, we decided to let players click the Receive Reward button in Arena to get relevant rewards now. The Daily Ranking is reset at 00:00 every day. If players don’t receive their reward by the time of reset, it will be regarded as waiver.

Here is the Arena Daily Ranking rewards button:

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You gave us possibility of buying items (jewels, glyphs, etc.) for medals. Please, let us sell items we don’t need as well. It would be great to be able to sell Transformation Jewel (when you max fylgia you don’t need them) for, lets say, half of it cost in medals. You could get back (or earn) 35 medals that way. Same thing refers to glyphs your nation doesn’t need, like Star Priest (Lucam) glyph when you play as V or B.